After ‘Soft Kitty’ Lawsuit Is Dismissed, The Writers Throw MAJOR Shade With This Scene…

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-04-17

Amy Sings Soft Kitty In Three Languages

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No one hates getting sick more than Sheldon. That man can’t stand even the tiniest of sniffles, and he’s so stubborn he refuses to accept defeat when it comes to sickness. In The Collection Dissipation Sheldon got sick after trying to work on two scientific projects at once. In an attempt to sooth her sick man, Amy ended up singing Soft Kitty in three difference languages. The timing of this was all a bit suspicious though, and here’s why…

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When Sheldon gets sick he tends to demand quite a few favors. If you’re his friend of choice he’s going to ask you to rub vix on his chest, bring him soup and tea, and overall be his servant for a while. Plus, you’re definitely going to have to sing Soft Kitty. Mary Cooper is to blame for Sheldon’s neediness, as she would sing it to him often as a child. Penny has sung it, Leonard has sung it, and now Amy is stepping in as girlfriend.

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Of course, Amy is an overachiever, and she can’t help herself when it comes to nerding out over new knowledge. Amy was able to sing Soft Kitty in multiple languages, meaning Mayim Bialik was tasked with learning the correct pronunciation of the Soft Kitty lyrics in separate dialects. 

Amy was able to repeat the iconic song in English, German, and Mandarin. Plus, we are lead to believe the couple continued on in many more languages after the cameras stopped rolling. We just know Mayim was excited about this challenge.

Perfect Timing

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So why was Soft Kitty sung in this episode? It might be a celebration of Warner Brother’s and Chuck Lorre’s part. They recently had a lawsuit dismissed concerning Soft Kitty. Two sisters had sued over the copyright laws of the lyrics, claiming their mother wrote the song. Perhaps The Big Bang Theory has been chomping at the bit, ready to sing the song as soon as the case was dropped.

Did you sing along to Soft Kitty during The Recollection Dissipation?

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