Amy Is The Best

This week’s Big Bang Theory Episode proved it- Amy is the best girlfriend in the world. Not only does she love Sheldon unconditionally (and yes, there are a lot of things to overlook) She also listens to him, is a bouncing board for his ideas, and helps him through tough times. Here are examples that prove Amy really is the ideal girlfriend. (What a Saint.)

She Knows Her Man

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Amy knows Sheldon so well, she can predict his emotions and actions. She knew he’d be upset about Raj moving and was at the ready with advice.

Sheldon: It’s unfair, people just assume I’m going to be upset by Raj moving into my old room.

Amy: Well you are aren’t you?

Sheldon: Oh, I’m outraged.

She Listens Wholeheartedly

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Amy always makes a point to ask Sheldon to talk to her. He doesn’t think to share his feelings on his own, and she knows she has to give him a little push to share.

Amy: Talk to me. Tell me what’s going on.

Sheldon: That’s been my room since before I met Leonard. And now someone else is going to be living in it. And that someone else is not me. And you know how I feel about people who aren’t me.

She’s Tolerant

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She knows Sheldon means well, and doesn’t get mad at his matter of fact nature.

Amy: First time you told me you loved me was in that room.

Sheldon: Wrong. We were standing outside my room in the hallway.

Amy: And there is the love of which I speak.

Seriously She Puts Up With A lot

Coitus once a year, ridiculous relationship agreement terms, and…jumping snakes?

Sheldon: A little housewarming gift for Raj.

Amy: A bunch of fake snakes better not spring out of it, because that was a lousy anniversary present.

She Helps Sheldon Work It Out

When Sheldon was worried about Beverly’s diagnosis, Amy helped him realize that he simply likes to have a contingency plan. She knows how to make him feel better.

Sheldon: Beverly believes that I unconsciously consider my old room an escape hatch. 

Amy: Is that bothering you?

Sheldon: Yes I don’t care for unconscious thoughts. My brain and I are best friends it should tell me everything. 

Did We Mention She Puts Up With A Lot?

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Seriously…Sheldon has the order he’d eat his friends in planned out…and Amy hasn’t broken up with him yet.

Sheldon: Because I love you, you’re dessert. 

Amy you win. Best Girlfriend in the whole wide world.

Do you love Sheldon and Amy together?




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