AMC Preps New Horror Series

NOS4A2 | Photo Credit Bloody Disgusting

With Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and now The Walking Dead, AMC essentially has the foundation to create groundbreaking projects and take risks where other networks are forced to stock with stock re-runs or trop genre flicks.

Now, with The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead killing the zombie horror genre, AMC has now decided to adapt Joe Hill’s haunting novel, NOS4A2, in a straight-to-series development.

Currently, it’s unclear exactly when the series will hit the network.

NOS4A2 Heads To AMC

NOS4A2 | Photo Credit Forbidden Planet

CinemaBlend reports:

“How “fast” that track will be is certainly up for debate, since AMC has technically been dancing around bringing NOS4A2 to TV for a year and a half now. But there was really only one brief update on the project since the tail end of 2015, so we’ll assume that this announcement is a sign of very good things to come and that Charlie Manx isn’t just sitting inside his Rolls Royce and thriving on our doomed hopes for this project.”

“While it’s not exactly clear what was being done with NOS4A2 in recent months, the key shift in direction here comes with the opening of a writers room to be fronted by the previously tapped writer and executive producer Jami O’Brien, a veteran of AMC’s Hell on Wheels whose credits also include the aforementioned  Fear the Walking Dead. The goal of the writers’ room will be to crank out a number of episodic scripts so that AMC’s execs can review them and decide if NOS4A2 is worth the efforts to produce a full season.”

Son Of Stephen King Enters Genre

NOS4A2 | Photo Credit CBR

Joe Hill is also the son of horror icon, Stephen King. His story, NOS4A2, is the perfect twisted world for AMC to grab ahold of. The story centers around Vic McQueen, a mother whose son soon becomes the target for Charlie Manx, a frightening supernatural killer who takes his victims to a place called Christmasland.

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