Alicia’s Walker Defenses at an All Time High On Fear the Walking Dead Preview


Alicia Fear the Walking DeadAlicia’s been one of the weaker characters in the Fear The Walking Dead Universe.

Like other viewers, I’m surprised she’s lived as long as she has. Turns out she’s taking a turn in order to evolve into a stronger character. The preview trailer for the upcoming episode, Do Not Disturb showed Alicia on a search for Ofelia who’s randomly disappeared. Turns out Ofelia is evolving as well and disappeared on a mission to find herself.

Unfortunately, while on her journey to find Ofelia, Alicia finds herself overwhelmed by hungry walkers in an abandoned elevator shaft.

Ofelia soon has no choice but to climb the cables in the shaft in order to escape. In time the not so intelligent zombies end up tumbling down the shaft, giving Alicia some room to breathe. The new episode will disclose how the scene finally ends when Alicia is able to get out of the elevator shaft and escape near death by the ravenous zombies.

Since in previous episodes, Alicia would have panicked and likely found herself as zombie food, this is a like a new leaf being turned for her in the Fear Walking Dead universe. Maybe in time she’ll get the balls to start using some weapons to simply off the zombies rather than having to run and hide at the first sign of danger. Ofelia will likely turn up as well, maybe just in time to help Alicia. She could also be an entirely new person for the rest of the season after her soul searching has been completed.

From the looks of the preview and the recent episode, Los Muertos, the entire cast of Fear the Walking Dead appears to be going through changes.

Maybe it’s their way of taking the show to new places in order to re-establish a solid rating with the networks. The show has dropped in ratings considerably since the beginning so the producers have to got to figure out how to turn things around or they could face a potential cancelation.

Alicia Fear the Walking DeadAs for the rest of the characters in the show, Alicia will not be the only character to be in a tight spot in the new episode of Fear the Walking Dead, Do Not Disturb. Chris and Travis will also likely be in some serious danger. Their danger will likely come from Chris’ unstable mental state which Travis will soon have to learn to deal with.

Make sure to be there on October 23rd at 9pm on AMC to watch the next episode of Fear the Walking Dead. Do Not Disturb. If the episode is anything like Los Muertos, it’s going to be entertaining for us all. Like, Comment and Share your thoughts about the show and were you think the producers could improve to make it more entertaining.

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