The A&E Network rolled out a brand new ad campaign this week, and some fans are noticing that the network seems to be distancing itself from its Duck Dynasty days. The reality show featuring the Robertsons was once the network’s only big success- but are those days long gone?

The A&E Network Distances From Duck Dynasty

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There was a time when Duck Dynasty was the bread and butter of the A&E Network. In fact, it hasn’t even been a year since the show went off the air. However, it seems the network is all too eager to shed its redneck reputation. The company released a gritty ad campaign that surely would have never featured the Robertsons.

The ad features stars of each of the network’s shows with the message “We Are Not…” and then a specific word pertaining to the show underneath. The new CMO at A&E explained the campaign by saying, “In a world exploding with disposable short form stories, the cultural value of exceptional and brave storytelling has never been higher. A&E has always been and continues to be home to some of the most fearless, factual storytellers and crafts people in the world.”

One of the most interesting photos in the ad says, “We are not…scripted.” Many Duck Dynasty critics have accused the show of being scripted, and The Robertsons themselves have admitted to creating story lines rather than simply filming their everyday lives. 

Pushing The Envelope

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Perhaps A&E wants its reality shows to steer away from the “real fake” feel of Duck Dynasty. Their latest shows include Scientology and the Aftermath and Live PD. The network has described their audience as having, “interest in the world around them with a low tolerance for bullsh*t.”  that’s the case- why did so many people enjoy the sugar coded reality of 

If that’s the case- why did so many people enjoy the sugar coded reality of Duck Dynasty? It will certainly be interesting to see if the network’s new strategy pans out for them. 

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