Actress Melissa McBride Talks About Carol And King Ezekiel’s Relationship


Carol’s Story Arc In The Kingdom

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

There’s an interesting dynamic between Carol and the men of her life. Ever since her husband died, she’s been growing stronger and stronger. Before the outbreak, she lived abused, but now no one can hold her down.

Of the men in her life, Rick pushed her away and then brought her back. Daryl has always been there for her and was hurt when she left. Morgan wants the best for her but isn’t sure what that is and his methods have changed once again.

Then, there’s King Ezekiel, who is obviously fascinated with Carol.

Carol’s Time In The Kingdom

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Carol has spent a lot of time in (or around) the Kingdom, when compared to her wandering, which almost got her killed. She’s been given the chance to heal, grow, and adapt as she tries to figure out herself.

While she’s been discovering who she is, it would appear that she’s also found a new suitor. The King immediately told the truth to Carol about his circumstances and his real talk seemed to make her stay.

She’s still distant from the King, but he seems to be growing on her.

Melissa McBride Discusses The King

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“He’s such a fascinating character,” said Melissa McBride about King Ezekiel. “I think he and Carol have something in common where they are having to put on these faces,” she confirmed, in regards to the King persona and Carol’s cookie-baker mask.

“Even though the motivation is perhaps different, I think there is a common denominator with these two. Khary Payton is a really great actor to work with and he’s so easy to get along with. When he showed up to set, he was very open.”

These two characters are very different but also very similar. It’s no coincidence that the two ended up discusses war at the end of “Bury Me Here,” even though they both were hoping for peace.

Do you think Carol and King Ezekiel may be more than friends?

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