Actor Miles Teller Busted For Public Drunkenness


Whiplash Actor Arrested, Drunk-in-Public

Miles Teller | Photo Credit Whiplash

Actor Miles Teller is on his way to becoming a household name. With iconic roles in films like Whiplash, War Dogs, The Spectacular Now and recently Bleed for This, Teller has shown he’s willing to put in the work to make it in the business.

Unfortunately, he’s also playing as hard as he works. Teller was arrested early Sunday morning after falling down drunk and refusing to cooperate with the police, said law enforcement to TMZ.

One source actually said Teller nearly fell into traffic.

Miles Teller Uncooperative With Police

Miles Teller | Photo Credit Inquisitr

TMZ reports:

“Teller was partying with a group of guys in San Diego when an officer noticed the actor was having trouble standing on the sidewalk. We’re told the cop walked up to Miles and started questioning him, but he quickly became uncooperative.”

“Our sources say that’s when Teller lost his balance and almost fell into a traffic lane. The cop cuffed him, and Miles had trouble standing in one spot. Now the turning point. San Diego offers a detox program where cops will take someone who is drunk to a center run by volunteers.”

“The center has cots where someone can stay for 4 hours and sleep it off. The cop offered to take Miles there but we’re told he refused.”

Teller Responds After Leaving Jail

Miles Teller | Photo Credit Getty

Police could have arrested Teller at various points during his night out, but the cops decide to take the actor to a detox center instead. Unfortunately, his disorderly conduct continued and the detox center actually turned him down as well.

At this point, sources say that Teller was arrested as a misdemeanor for being drunk in public. The actor was in jail for approximately four hours, but then he was released without bail.

Miles had no initial comments on the matter, but he later tweeted, “Went down to SD to see my buddy before he deployed. I wasn’t arrested I was detained because there was no evidence to charge me with a crime…”

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