A Salesman Shows Up At Phil Robertson’s House, Phil Strikes The Strikes The Strangest Deal With Him


A fancy car arrives in Phil and Miss Kay Robertson’s driveway. Out of it steps a man with slicked back hair and a fancy black suit. This is the beginning of Phil’s perfect day.

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The man walks to the door, Phil opens the door and greets the stranger.

“I’d like to sell you a water filter,” the mysterious man says.

“Will it work?” the young Phil Robertson asks.

“Oh, yes,” the man replies.

“How much you want for it?” Phil questions.

“Well, I’d like to tell about the attributes of this thing and show you how it works,” the man says.


Duck Dynasty cast
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Phil decides to decline the man’s offer. After some prodding, he finds out that the water filter is $215. So then Phil makes the man a counter offer.

“Here’s the deal,” Phil says. “I will buy a water filter from you for $215 only if you will sit down and let me share the good news of Jesus with you. That’s the deal.”

The man mulls it over…

“A Bible study and I get the sale on the water filter,” he thinks out loud. “I’ll do it.”

Duck Dynasty family
Phil Robertson, Duck Commander’s founder (source: CNN.com)

So Phil hands the salesman a check for $215, and the man sets up the water filter. Then Phil tells the man about Jesus.

Can you guess what was the man’s response to a deal like this?

“Mr. Robertson,” he said, “Will you take me down to the river and baptize me?”

And that’s what they did. And this may have been the salesman’s best day ever — he sold a water filter for $215 and he got eternal life.

Then the man with wet hair and an undershirt got into his car, tore off down the road, and Phil never saw him again. 

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