7 Sheldon And Amy Moments That Prove These Two Are Perfect For Each Other


As Big Bang Theory super fans, we all tend to remember the big moments in Sheldon and Amy’s relationship. However, it’s the little things, like a shared interest in scientific method, that makes these two true soulmates. Here are seven Sheldon and Amy moments that prove there is no better-suited couple on television.

1) Sheldon and Amy’s First Date

From the beginning, we knew that Sheldon and Amy were made for each other. These two were set up by Howard and Raj on an online dating service. The service promised to use an algorithm to find a perfect match. We’re not going to lie- we want to use this dating website. Clearly, it really picks out a perfect soulmate- Amy and Sheldon are near mirror images of one another in terms of personality and preference.

At their very first date, we were already made aware of their absurd personality differences and quirks. Sheldon immediately informs Amy he is being forced on the date. To his surprise, Amy is too. She’s agreed with her mother to go on one date a year. Even Raj and Howard immediately realize these two are perfect for one another. And so, their story began. 

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