Godwin is one of the only two cast members not officially in the Robertson family. He brings wit and character to each and every Duck Dynasty episode!  Below are the 7 best Duck Dynasty Quotes that show off his great personality.

1. “Which one of them Pizzas you like better?  New York or Chicago?” -Godwin

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Godwin is always down to talk about some grub.  He loves food and loves to talk about it almost just as much.  Because of his love for food, he’s never afraid to ask the tough questions. For example, which pizza do you like better?

2. “We’re the glue that holds this place together I guarantee it” – Godwin

Godwin is always modest

He’s never afraid to speak his mind and let everyone know how valuable he and his friend Martin are to the Duck Commander business.

3.  “I would compare myself and Godwin to modern day, Aristotle and Plato… I’m not exactly sure, but Godwin may be as old as one of them.” – MartinImage result for godwin and martin

We’ll chalk this up to- he’s got experience!  Due to his age, and 14 years at the Duck Commander business, Godwin has a lot of experience under his belt.

4. “He’s got a hot tub in his front yard…That he’s in! Has he lost his mind or what?” – Si Robertson

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Si Robertson is never one to shy away from poking fun at a friend.  In an episode of Duck Dynasty when Godwin acquires a hot tub Si tells the audience Godwin has given into some yuppie ways.  We’re sure this was only temporary!  Godwin can’t be blamed for loving the finer things in life.

5. “Everyone knows the best form of camouflage during duck season is a man’s beard… Except for John Godwin!  His beard became a bit of a problem for us…”- Jase Robertson

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In Before the Dynasty, Jase Robertson reveals that Godwin’s white beard was giving away the team’s position to their enemy.  That enemy was, of course, the ducks!  Poor Godwin might need to run to the barber shop for a quick dye job!

6. “Godwin has a lot of trouble giving accurate descriptions…It could be one of these little lizards… or it could be a nine-foot alligator.” -Jase Robertson

In this funny quote, Jase is referring to a scene from Duck Dynasty where Godwin described a one-foot long baby gator as, “It’s a bull!  This thing’s a dragon!” Poor Godwin, a little hyperbole never hurt anybody!

7. I Got a pickle jar, and I got a tire today!  I can’t wait to go to the next one.  It’s just like Christmas!”- Godwin

This Duck Commander employee is a fan of the simple things. In one scene from the hit reality show, Godwin describes finding a few “treasures,” while cleaning out a duck blind.

Image result for godwin duck dynastyphoto by aetv.com

In Conclusion, Godwin is a man of simple pleasures.  He loves food, hidden treasure, and hyperbole. Who wouldn’t love this guy?!

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