Sadie Robertson’s Battle With Anxiety

photo by @legitsadierob via The Robertson family is very open when it comes to personal struggles and mental health battles. Sadie Robertson has come out and admitted to struggling with widespread anxiety. She’s using her social media platforms, and her books, to speak to fans about her internal war with herself and facing the outside world. Here are 8 things the Duck Dynasty star has said about her battle with anxiety.

She Admitted It Was Worse At Night

Many who suffer from anxiety know that it can be worst at night. Sadie admitted that this was the case for her. She wrote, “coming from someone who battled with anxiety for a rough 2 years I cling tight to verses like this. Proverbs 3:24 ‘When you lie down, you will not be afraid; When you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.’”

However, Sadie has learned from her family to cling to her faith in times of need. She continued her thought with, “Night time would sometimes be the time when I was most fearful because I would think about every single possibility and situation that could happen… Tonight I Rest In Peace with the unity of the Spirit taking courage and praying for my heart, not for my situations. That I would grow in confidence in my heavenly faith, not dwell in my worldly fear.”

She Learns A Lot From God

Knowing that I will not fear EVEN if or when things get scary because I serve a God who conquered the worst of my fears and teaches me what true living is.

She Made A New Year’s Resolution

Sadie has admitted that her New Year’s resolution included being strong in faith. Instead of letting anxiety and stress get to her, she resolved to not be overcome by negative emotions. The Duck Dynasty star wrote, “choose strength over stress. It’s so easy to allow stress to triumph over your life because we allow our circumstances to determine our feelings. This year I am determined to not allow that to be my first choice, but to choose strength from God in all things.”

She Doesn’t Believe In Playing The Victim

photo by @legitsadierob via

She decided not to feel sorry for herself, or feel like a victim.

“I’m walking away from being the victim in my circumstances, and believing in the Victor of THE circumstance that allowed me to have peace that surpasses ALL understanding.”

She Knows She Has To Face The World

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Sadie knows that the cure for anxiety is to just get out and do something. She wrote on her Instagram, “Some days ya just gotta wake up, thank God for being alive, and go do the stuff you wanna do while living.”

She Recognizes How Far She Has Come

Sadie contemplated how far she has come in her battle with anxiety. She wrote, “I used to be afraid of everything, now I stand on stage In front of thousands a night speaking about that very thing to strengthen others in faith. Funny how He changes the game when we step out and seek a change. How can I be praying for you to be strengthened?”

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