The One Time Penny and Leonard Were WAY Too Relatable…


Penny and Leonard

One of our favorite things about The Big Bang Theory is Penny and Leonard’s relationship. The couple is just too darn relatable. From being off and on again to growing in their relationship, we can all remember a time when we were just like them. Here are five moments when Penny and Leonard were totally us in relationships.

When They Danced In Their Underwear

Finally alone, Penny and Leonard celebrate Sheldon moving out by dancing in their underwear. Penny’s not into it at first, but Leonard is pretty persuasive with his moves. Eventually, they both are having the time of their lives. Life is really about the simple things.

When They Lied To Get Out Of Plans

Who hasn’t lied to get out of plans with friends? Sometimes you just want to stay home and watch Netflix with your boo. When Leonard came home early, he didn’t tell Sheldon so that hopefully he and Penny could be alone. Very sweet.

When They Tried To Have A Serious Talk

We’ve all been there. Sex is just easier than talking about the serious stuff, and sometimes making out is a much bigger distraction than having hard relationship talks. No one does the hook-up-instead-of-discuss tactic better than Penny and Leonard.

When Penny Worried She Was Too Much Like Leonard’s Mother

There’s a certain point in a long term relationship when things slow down, and habits are formed. We’ve all realized at one time or another that we were acting like our significant other’s parent or worse–our own. Penny took this a bit further when she accidentally had a therapy session with a client.

When Penny Had A Relapse In Memory

Who can relate? While usually, it’s the man getting a bad rap for forgetting important dates, women are not immune to this huge relationship blunder. Most of the time no ill will is meant. It can still be hard to swallow, though. Anyway, it’s not as bad as reading your spouse’s journal. We’ve all been a little curious about our partner’s personal things…Right?

We love Penny and Leonard. Which part of their relationship do you relate to?

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