Duck Dynasty net worth

5 Rules About Wearing Camo That Every Duck Dynasty Fan Ought To Know…

By C. Murph | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-03-02

Camo is a lifestyle

Duck Dynasty wedding
Kay and Phil Robertson (source: The Gospel Herald)

Wear it proudly. Live it proudly.

Mix and match

Phil Robertson and Ted Cruz (source: YouTube)

It’s okay to wear different styles of camo together. 

Start with shorts


Uncle Si does it, so it’s gotta be alright.

But also wear the pants


Follow Jase’s example from the above pic.

A camo family has more love for each other (it’s a fact Jack)

Duck Dynasty net worth
The cast of Duck Dynasty is richer than the smartest man on earth (source:

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C. Murph

C. Murph is a freelance writer who lives in Pennsylvania.

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