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Many behaviors we see in The Big Bang Theory are bizarre and somewhat unnatural to us.  Sheldon Cooper seems to be at the center of the most out-of-this-world behavior.  The King of Quirks has indicated in many instances that he has OCD, narcissism, lack of empathy, autism, and Asperger’s.  Everything about Sheldon is scientific and for a while it almost seems as though he has no “humanity” characteristics.  Here are five of Sheldon’s quirks that fans love.

The All-Encompassing Spot

Sheldon’s spot is on the left-hand side of the couch.  His spot is not the same as how normal people have spots that they sit in.  There is only one spot in a room where Sheldon will sit and no one else can sit in that spot.  As seen on several occasions, he does not have a problem removing someone from the spot.  But his spot in the apartment is his “single point of consistency in an ever-changing universe.”

The Bathroom Schedule

As with all things that have to do with Sheldon Cooper, the bathroom is also organized.  He has a schedule of specific times for him and his roommate so that they do not conflict.  While there might be certain benefits to this, Leonard has mostly found it to be a nuisance throughout the years.  Better hope you do not have an emergency!


QuirksKnock-knock-knock Penny! Knock-knock-knock Penny! Knock-knock-knock Penny! by youtube.com

One of the most common occurrences of Sheldon’s quirky behavior is his knock.  Every time Sheldon encounters a closed door he has to knock three times and say the person’s name.  Then he repeats it for a total of three times.  He reveals that this behavior is the result of a childhood incident.  One time he opened a door and encountered his father with another woman.  So now he knocks to ensure that anyone behind a door is aware that he is there.

I Must Not Tell Lies

Sheldon lies to Penny in The Loobenfield Decay by youtube.comSheldon lies to Penny in The Loobenfield Decay by youtube.com

The Harry Potter quote perfectly explains Sheldon Cooper’s stance.  Not only is Sheldon bad at lying but he also develops little quirks that give him away.  Most notably he has to lie to Penny when Leonard lies to her in order that he does not have to see her singing performance.  Sheldon develops a lie story and tells her that they were at an intervention for his cousin Leopold. 

Three Strikes and You are Out!

Like in baseball, Sheldon has a three strike system.  If one of his friends violates one of Sheldon’s rules then they get a strike.  If one of them gets three then they are out of his friend circle.  The strikes can be taken away if he or she takes a test.

What is your favorite Sheldon Cooper quirk?

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