He Once Blew up a Tank

When The Governor (David Morrissey) returns to wreak havoc on the prison with a new ragtag army (plus one tank), his effort to take the prison for himself is met with a full-fledged battle. While it was no secret that Daryl was a formidable opponent in a fire-fight, the way he handled that tank definitely qualifies as “outside of the box thinking” and it certainly came as a surprise.

He has the best quotes ever

Look, we need a leader who is kind, calm, tough, and totally capable of handling anything (i.e. Negan). But, we also need someone who has a good speaking voice. And good quotes. And that’s no other than Daryl Dixon.

He was compassionate to Carol

When Sophia (Madison Lintz) went missing, Daryl dedicated himself to the effort to find her, nearly getting himself killed in the process. The whole time, he would tell everyone it was because he was better on his own. Although, when Sophia turned up among the group of walkers being kept in Hershel’s (Scott Wilson) barn, Sophia’s mother, Carol, became overwhelmed with grief. Through it all, Daryl was the one who was there to try and comfort her. This was not only the dawning of the relationship between Daryl and Carol but a revealing look at who he really was underneath the gruff exterior and leather vest.

He became a scout for Alexandria 

When the group first arrived at Alexandria, Daryl was the last one to let his guard down, shower, or even change into some clean clothes, much to everyone’s dismay. Then, after developing a friendship with Aaron (Ross Marquand) and his boyfriend, Eric (Jordan Woods Robinson), he slowly begins to feel like a part of the community, possibly for the first time in his life. It’s such a substantial change that he even volunteers to take Eric’s place after he’s injured, joining Aaron on the road to find new potential citizens of Alexandria. This is Daryl having come full circle, roaming the countryside not as a loner, but as someone looking for people to join him in the first place he’s ever considered home.

He has majorly transformed

In the 7-ish seasons of TWD, Daryl has transformed – and not just his hair. He’s grown into a strong, capable man. Gone are the days of the abused boy who has a meth addiction. But… is he really the best fit for a leader?

Tell us in the comments?

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