Where are all the guns?

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We live in America. Lots of people have guns here, especially in the South. I don’t understand how the series starts off with them being such a rare commodity. I can see how as time goes on, they would become harder to find as groups of people begin to horde them, but finding them initially shouldn’t have been too hard. Remember how important Rick’s guns were in Atlanta? People were ready to kill each other over them. When the show was two and a half seasons in, guns only accounted for a little more than half of the show’s violence. In more recent seasons, however, they seem to have become plentiful.

Why Didn’t Someone Look In The Barn?

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The characters spent most of Season 2 hunting for Carol’s daughter Sophia, who we eventually come to learn had died and turned, and was being kept in the barn with all of the other zombies. This just doesn’t seem to make any sense. How did no one from the Green farm know she was in there when they were the ones putting the zombies in the barn? Wouldn’t they notice a little girl? One theory is that Otis put her in there, and then was killed by Shane before he could tell anyone. If this were the case, however, she would have to have been bitten as soon as she was separated from everyone, and immediately found by Otis. But that doesn’t match up to the tracks and little hideaway of hers that Darryl found. Unless Hershel did know the whole time that she was in there and didn’t bother to tell anyone, which is pretty effed up if you ask me. I’d like to think he was better than that.

The Governor’s Magical Missing Eye

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The Governor became known for his eye patch; it makes him all the more creepier. You can thank Michone for that, as she is the one who shoved a piece of glass in his eye. The right eye, to be exact.

However, the injured eye seemed to move. In Season 3, episode 11, his right eye had the patch, which matches up to the eye she destroyed. Then later in that episode, he removed the patch and held up a match to reveal his grossly ruined eye socket. However, it was then his left eye. Then it returned to the right side.

Also, with one eye down you would think that it would affect the Governor’s ability to aim. Yet he still remains a superior marksman. Not to mention in one scene he even uses his non-existent eye to look through the scope of a rifle before he accurately fires it. Now that’s pretty impressive!

Who Cut The Grass?

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In Season 3, the crew discovers a prison, which they decide to make their home for the season. From the first moment they stumble upon that location, it appears to have a perfectly manicured lawn. However, upon inspection, the crew discovers it has been abandoned, except for five inmates who had been locked up inside one of the cellblocks for about eight months or so. So they clearly weren’t able to mow the lawn. Then who did? Who was the mysterious landscaper? Was it a zombie laborer?

In reality, prior to filming a location, the pre-production crew of the series requests that the owners of the locations do not cut their lawns. Rumor has it that they actually pay every homeowner $150 not to mow their lawns for three weeks prior to filming. Someone must’ve dropped the ball on this one.

Maggie Forgets About Beth

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We’ve watched Maggie lose her entire family throughout series. In Season 2, her stepmother and stepbrother die on the farm, as well as their family friend Otis. In a later season she watched her father be gunned down by the Governor. Then all that was left was her younger sister, Beth. After all the sisters had been through, you would think Maggie would have clung to Beth for dear life. However, when both Glen and her sister are missing, she became obsessed with finding Glen, not Beth. As she headed to Terminus, she wrote a message “Glenn go to terminus.” No message for Beth. And when she eventually found Glenn, she still didn’t seem too concerned about finding Beth. In the premier of Season 5, Darryl revealed to Maggie that a mysterious black car kidnapped Beth. She asked Darryl if Beth was alive, he said yes, and she seemed satisfied. Really? In this crazy world of murderers and cannibals, she wasn’t terrified that some psychopath had her sister? Darryl and Carol were way more concerned than Maggie was. She even later decided to go with Abraham’s crew to bring Eugene to DC, rather than look for her one and only sister.

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