“If your idea of fun is riding in a minivan to Target for diapers, things are about to get nuts!” writes the page.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, the cast behind Big Bang made this little meme to honor moms like Bernadette.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit Instagram Season Finale Shenanighans The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit Instagram

In a rare behind-the-scenes photo, where Kaley Cuoco is taking a selfie with her loving cast members, we get to see everyone’s personalities come out. Oddly enough, they look about the same as their character counterparts.

Leonard is having the smile and Raj looks like he’s playing it cool.

Colbert, Parsons, And Puppies

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit Instagram

Jim Parsons joins CBS’s Stephen Colbert and some Rescue Dog Puppies on the set of The Colbert Show. Both celebrities are bringing awareness to rescue dogs around the globe, but doing so in their own special way.

Happy Pi Day!

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit Instagram

This comes from an old episode, but TBBT Instagrammers decided to celebrate Pi Day with an eating content from the show. Leonard and Sheldon are getting beat every step of the way.

This is also when Howard returns from space…

Sheldon’s Train Adventure

Another great reason and hilarious moment to follow The Big Bang Theory’s Instagram page is because you get to preview the episodes before they hit the network. This picture is especially funny because of Sheldon’s obsession with trains and the story behind the episode.

In addition to these photos, fans can comment on photos and like their favorites to let the cast and crew behind the Instagram page feel the love. Beyond these behind-the-scenes photos, there are also images from past seasons, award dinner programs, and news about the actors who make this show as iconic as it is today.

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