The sun may still be beating down outside, but autumn is just around the corner. And with autumn comes Halloween! With less than a month and a half left to get ready, the Disney Store is rolling out their newest kids costumes and we’ve got a look at five of the coolest new looks for this year’s trick-or-treaters!

5) Maleficent

Disney, Disney Store, Halloween Costume, MaleficentImage Credit: Disney Store

Does your little one tend to idolize the bad guys more than the heroes? Well then, this costume is the perfect outfit to get them ready to terrorize their friends on All Hallow’s Eve!

This new costumed is a highly detailed take on the original animated version of Maleficent from the Disney classic, Sleeping Beauty. It lacks the dark gothic vibes of the Angelina Jolie interpretation of the character, but the color and details are stunning.

Here’s how the Disney Store describes the costume:

The evil fairy Maleficent materializes for your next masquerade party in plush violet velour robes and iconic horned headdress, trimmed by fiery iridescent magenta satin with fine metallic detailing. Deliver the invitation personally!

4) Captain Hook

Disney, Disney Store, Captain Hook, Halloween CostumeImage Credit: Disney Store

Captain Hook is another classic Disney villain who’s been around for ages after his debut in Peter Pan, but this costume makes him look like a million bucks!

Anyone can be a pirate for Halloween, but not many kids can pull off this exquisite look. From his ruffled shirt and fine coat, to his buckled belt and shoes, this is a one highly detailed Captain Hook.

Here’s how Disney Store describes the costume:

Your little buccaneer will set sail to battle Peter Pan in our Captain Hook Costume. In this dandy jacket with coordinating pants and boot covers, your swashbuckler will be mistaken for our lovable mustachioed villain.

BONUS: Check out this adorable bodysuit version for babies, as well!

Disney, Disney Store, Captain Hook, Halloween CostumeImage Credit: Disney Store

3) Elena of Avalor

Disney, Disney Channel, Elena of Avalor, Halloween Costume, Disney StoreImage Credit: Disney Store

Disney Channel’s newest hit and animated series is simply unavoidable right now. Elena of Avalor is everywhere you look – in stores and on television – and kids are flat-out obsessed.

If your little princess is hoping to transform into Elena this Halloween, you can’t do much better than this Disney Store costume. There are cheaper Elena of Avalor dresses on the market for playing dress-up, etc., but none are as detailed and beautiful as this version.

Here’s the Disney Store description:

They can let their imagination dance away with them as they cast themselves as the star of the hit Disney series. Elena of Avalor’s flamenco-inspired signature dress is an extravaganza of red satin with glitter detailing.

2) Jyn Erso

Jyn Erso, Disney, Star Wars, Disney Store, Halloween CostumeImage Credit: Disney Store

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story doesn’t hit theaters until December, but if you have a little Jedi-in-training at home who’s eager to act out the adventures of Jyn Erso and her ragtag crew, you can’t do much better than this great costume.

This highly detailed recreation of Jyn’s onscreen outfit includes pants, shirt, jacket, and fingerless clothes. All you’ll need is a pair of black boots (and a blaster) to complete the authentic Star Wars look.

Here’s how the Disney Store describes the costume:

They’ll step into the role of Sergeant Jyn Erso ready to face the might of the Galactic Empire with this detailed costume. Inspired by the rebel’s outfit in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, it’ll bring out their heroic character.

1) Black Widow

Disney, Disney Store, Black Widow, Halloween CostumeImage Credit: Disney Store

One of the major complaints surrounding the merchandising of Disney’s Marvel films is the lack of female presence. Female characters are severely underrepresented in toys and other merchandise.  And very few products are actually targeted to girls.

If this new Black Widow costume is any indication, though, Disney may be looking to change that very soon. This insanely detailed outfit will change your little princess into a powerhouse Avenger that can give Captain America or Thor a run for their money!

Here’s the Disney Store description:

Your young Avenger can transform themselves into the all-action intelligence agent with this Black Widow Costume for Kids. The dynamic design, with its sleek faux leather styling, will make them look and feel like the Marvel Super Hero!

What do you think? Which Disney character does your little one want to be this Halloween?

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