Not Every Walking Dead Comic Can Adapt

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The writers of The Walking Dead walk a line between creating something fresh and paying homage to Robert Kirkman’s comic. That said, some things are different on purpose, and others do not work well on television.

Complex Relationship Around Tyreese

In the comic, there was a complicated relationship between Carol, Michonne, and Tyreese. Carol and Tyreese were together until things went sour. Eventually, comic Carol spiraled out of control and couldn’t face life anymore.

She also had an unusual encounter with Rick and Lori where she made a pass at the couple.

Carol Takes Her Own Life… Kinda

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After the breakup with Tyreese and the awkward tension with Rick, Carol decided enough was enough. The prison group had a walker tied up to study, and Carol walked off and let the zombie take a bite out of her. We’re glad AMC’s Carol is stronger than this version.

Michonne’s Eye-for-an-Eye Scene

A portion of Michonne and The Governor’s interaction was seen on AMC, but there’s more to the story. After being abused, Michonne got revenge on The Governor by stapling his manhood to a block of wood and then she scooped out his eye.

On television, she killed his zombie daughter and later killed him with her sword.

Rick’s Hand In Walking Dead Comic

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In The Walking Dead comic, The Governor took Rick’s hand. Despite how impactful that might have been on television, it would have made it very difficult for filming. It would mean using CGI or other trickery for nearly every scene involving Rick.

The AMC version of the series has toyed with the idea many times, sometimes even teasing fans. Last season, particularly, Rick threatened Rick’s hand. Later, he threatened to make Rick take his own son’s hand as well.

In the end, it’s nice to have a small barrier between AMC and The Walking Dead comic.

Can you think of any other major differences between the two adaptations from Kirkman?

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