These 4 Tweets Will Show You Exactly Why You Should Be Following Sadie On Twitter…


Sadie Robertson has a bubbly personality and a great smile. She makes that obvious through Twitter. 

Sadie Robertson celebrates the new year in her classic fun style (source:

You can see her personality on Instagram, YouTube, and in-person on the Winter Jam tour. But Twitter shines through as a great way to get to know who Sadie is. With that in mind, here are four of her tweets that show her personality.

It’s cold in Pittsburgh…

She tweeted some photos of herself while in Pittsburgh for a photo shoot. Here we can see her glamorous side.


She retweeted a GIF of herself flaunting her stuff on Dancing With The Stars in celebration of Winter Jam. This shows her confidence and her full-of-life attitude.

Speaking of Winter Jam…

Another retweet shows a photo of her with her loving family and David Crowder (far left). It’s just a small way we can see how family comes first for Sadie.

And puppies, because why not?

Everyone celebrates National Puppy Day differently. Sadie celebrates it by posting photos of her with her puppy.

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