4 Things You Didn’t Know About The Big Bang Theory Spin-off Star, Iain Armitage


Iain Armitage is the new star of Young Sheldon, the Big Bang Theory spin-off premiering this September. Here are four things you should know about the new Sheldon Cooper.

Iain Is A Theater Critic

Before Iain was cast to be The Big Bang Theory spin-off’s lead, he gained major success as a theater critic. Iain’s father is a well-known Broadway actor, and his mother is a theater producer. It’s safe to say they took Iain to his fair share of theater growing up, and somewhere along the way his mother realize Iain had a great capacity for critiquing live theater.

His Youtube channel’s success grabbed the attention of some major theater hot shots. It also landed him a coveted position on the Tonys’ red carpet, corresponding for Perez Hilton. He’s gotten to interview some pretty amazing celebrities through the years.

Those celebrities include Hamilton writer and star, Lin-Manuel Miranda. The second thing you should know about Iain Armitage? He’s got lots of celebrity friends. Lin-Manuel met the tyke at a previous for the musical and most recently has been congratulating him on the Big Bang Theory spin-off success.

Another fun fact? Iain loves to give gifts. Plus, those gifts are usually super unique. Iain recently gave Jim Parsons and husband Todd Spiewak an ant farm as a  wedding present. Jim told Jimmy Kimmel, “I have tried to embrace it and enjoy it. Todd literally, every time he walks into the kitchen…goes ‘there’s an infestation.'” 

Iain Armitage And Jane Fonda

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The most random fact about Iain Armitage? He’s gone fly fishing with Jane Fonda. Apparently, when the two costarred in the Netflix series, Our Souls At Night Iain expressed to Jane that he wanted to be able to fish without killing a fish. Jane told him all about fly fishing and booked them a trip for the next day.

Talk about a cool childhood, Iain seems to have it all. Will you be tuning in for the Big Bang Theory spin-off, Young Sheldon this fall?

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