3 Things You Won’t See On Duck Dynasty


Duck Dynasty shows us a lot about the Robertson family — their personal lives as well as their work lives. But the show doesn’t show us everything…

Jase Robertson covered in a white substance (source: TV Guide)

We know this because we have proof. Here are three things that they didn’t reveal on the show.

Willie — the CEO of a duck call business — prefers to hunt deer.

Duck Dynasty cast
Willie Robertson sporting his fire power, which he would rather use on deer instead of ducks (source: Buck Commander)

Scandalous, I know. But it’s true — he said so himself.

“I actually like deer hunting better than I like duck hunting,” Willie said.

I wonder how that went over with the other guys at Duck Commander.

Korie sucks at cooking (that’s not a joke)

Korie Robertson (right) is known as a non-cook in the Robertson family (photo by realitytv.com)

You’d think if your mother-in-law is Miss Kay, you would’ve picked up something to make you a better cook. But Korie says that ain’t true.

“When you watch the show, you expect that we’re all these great cooks, but really I’m terrible,” Korie said.

Jep would probably rather play videos games than hunt

Jep Robertson is big on video games (photo by theinquisitr.com)

The baby brother (or “baby sister” as they sometimes call him) would rather play Duck Hunt than actually go duck hunting.

“Most people don’t know, but I like to online game,” Jep said. “I play this game called ‘Guild Wars’ — it’s really fun. I’m a nerd at heart.”

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