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Sirena Van Schaik loves the written word and dogs alike. Originally from the mild climes of British Columbia, she now resides in the extreme temperatures of Southwestern Ontario.

PetsApril 21, 2018

[Dog Help] 5 Amazing HOME Remedies To Evaporate Kennel Cough

Kennel cough is a highly infectious illness that is very common in the dog community. In fact, most dogs will have kennel cough at one time or another. While most cases aren’t serious, it is still an uncomfortable illness and dog owners can use many home remedies to help their dog feel better as their dog is recovering from the illness.

by Sirena Van Schaik
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PetsApril 19, 2018

8 Diet Tips To Help Your Overweight Dog Get In Shape

With roughly 53% of all dogs overweight or obese, dog owners across North America are realizing that it’s time for their dogs to go on a diet. However, it is easier said than done, which is why it is important to have a game plan and follow some very important tips on helping your overweight dog lose those extra pounds.

by Sirena Van Schaik
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PetsApril 18, 2018

10 Simple Ways Anyone Can Help The Dogs In Need

Throughout the world there are millions of dogs in need but many people are unsure how to help them. However, there are ways that everyone can get involved, regardless of how much time you have available. You can help for a few minutes a day, during an event or even on one special day. The ways to help are limitless but we are looking at 10 excellent ways to help a dog in need.

by Sirena Van Schaik
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