About Us

You’re either old enough to remember or have at least heard these bellowing lyrics on a classic rock station or even perhaps your parents dusty speakers in the den…yep, it’s the Mama’s and the Papa’s, Monday Monday. And this is where our story begins.

In 2016, Founder and CEO, Arthur Tubman was inspired to create something powerfully engaging in a world of noise and clutter. Everywhere you turned, it was “See This”, “Buy That”, “Click Here”, with no real connected value. Arthur knew that engagement and communities were what he wanted to build. It was what he wanted to be a part of himself.

Arthur knew that it could be simple but it would most certainly not be easy. His journey up to this point had not been easy…by the time he was 21 years old the path had been a vicious cycle mixed with drug abuse as well as a stint in jail…but he continued to persevere.

Watch Arthur’s Journey Here

Now back to building communities…similar to the typical watercooler gathering, coffee bar, or copy matching room, used by thousands of people every single day at companies across the globe, communities are innate in humans. Even for the most introverted beings, whether in-person or online, communities continue to be the life-blood to growth.

What happens during so-called “watercooler chatter”? People discussing, commenting, engaging, liking, debating, on all their favorite topics and subject matters.

“Did you see Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead? It was epic!”

“Have you downloaded Carrie Underwood’s new album?”

“Did you see that the Eagles are going back on tour”?

“I just heard about a new rescue dog organization opening up soon”

“I spent the whole weekend in the sand traps on the links”

It goes on and on…and it’s awesome. It’s a lot of what people look forward to in their day. They may love their job, hate their job, be completely neutral…it doesn’t matter. It’s human nature to want a break from the monotony.

‟Monday, Monday, so good to me
Monday mornin´, it was all I hoped it would be”

And so it inspired the birth of MondayMondayNetwork.com. The professional term for the company would be Media Publisher…but we prefer, a watercooler connected by like-minded communities.

The vision of the company had been set. The strategy was formulating daily. In 2017 Arthur tapped Operations and Digital Marketing veteran, Spencer Tyler, to partner and become COO of Monday Monday Network. Based on the company’s Core Values, they quickly built a team of A-players in content creation, marketing expertise and social media engagement, the company is producing high quality content on a daily basis across various categories, such as; Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle, Pets and Family. Spawning dozens of social communities across Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter with the ability to connect, engage, discuss, provide value and grow together…that is what being human is all about.