BREAKING: Guns N’ Roses’ Celebrates HUGE Milestone!


3A 25 Year Look Back On Guns N’ Roses Kick Ass Double Album Use Your Illusion I & II

On September 17th, 1991 Guns N’ Roses released Use Your Illusion onto the world.  The infamous rock band was at the height of their career.  Perhaps one of the most popular musical acts on the planet at the time, while also internally tormented.  Appetite For Destruction (1987) raised the expectations for the group to epic proportions.  Lies (1988) was not at the level of success the band wanted for the follow-up to Appetite.  Hence, Guns ‘N Roses’ Use Your Illusion was to be their epic masterpiece.  25 years ago Guns ‘N Roses’ Use Your Illusion I & II became the double-album recorded while the band fell apart.

Guns ‘N Roses Use Your Illusion And The White Album Comparison

While this may shock some people: Guns ‘N Roses Use Your Illusion and The Beatles’ ‘White Album’ share similar stories. When The Beatles recorded The White album, the fab four were beginning to despise each other.  Yet, the record gained exceptional popularity.

Guns N’ Roses Use Your Illusion was created in a similar atmosphere.  The band was on the brink of total destruction.  As  Rolling Stone writes, “in April 1990, the classic lineup of Guns ‘N Roses played its final show. The occasion was the nationally televised Farm Aid concert. Axl Rose ended the live broadcast with a climactic “Good fuckin’ night.” It was the mark of a band breaking apart.”

Consequently, Guns ‘N Roses Use Your Illusion would be written under the same conditions of The White album.  Rolling Stone continues, “Amazingly, though, the imploding GN’R were in the midst of an artistic surge. Slash would later liken Guns ‘N Roses Use Your Illusion to the Beatles’ White Album (though “maybe not as good”). Like the White Album, it was brilliance created amid collapse.”

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