Here is the Statue That Has Replaced Robert E. Lee in Baltimore


Last week, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh ordered the statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson removed. Under the cover of darkness, city workers covertly removed symbols of America’s history without the consent of the people. But an even bigger problem stands in place of the Confederate generals.  

Photo credit: Baltimore Sun

Her name is “Madre Luz.”

Translated to “Mother Light,” Madre Luz is a paper-mache statue depicting a pregnant black woman, baby on her back, and fist in the air. She also comes with all the customary liberal trimmings-a rainbow sash and glitter.

In this case, they are hiding flawed thinking.

The statue was built in 2015 by artist Pablo Machioli. Along with his friends, Machioli wanted to draw attention, through art, to social justice issues like racism and white supremacy. After the Baltimore riots, the group placed “Madre Luz” in front of the Lee-Jackson monuments. But, city officials took it down and fined Machioli $75.

However, believing there would one day be another opportunity to display his art, Machioli stored it at his home in a makeshift warehouse. His opportunity came in the form of another riot–Charlottesville. So, once again he and his friends returned “Madre Luz” to stand in front of Lee and Jackson.

It is still standing there today-Generals Lee and Jackson are not.

Photo credit: Pinterest

While the statue is self-explanatory, Machioli’s message is not so clear. If his intention is to replace what he believes was a symbol of white supremacy with a symbol of freedom, he is clearly missing the mark.

Afterall, the “fist in the air” was the symbol of the Black Panthers, an inherently racist and violent leftist group.

Come to think about it, maybe his message is perfectly clear?

  • Debbie

    Tear it down it avends me

  • totally sick amen .

  • Todd

    nice black panther statue

  • Anonymous

    Where is that even historical?

  • Paula

    These people are traitor’s to there country they are not slaves no one is here now every race at one point in time or another has been a slave get over it jeez

  • These people need to pull there heads outta their butts and realize that this country will never fall to communisum, socialism, All the freebies need to be taken away from the people that can work. I’m not a racist. I’m a Native American. I see young minority women with 3,4,5, children paying for groceries with food stamps and cash assistance. They get more freebies with every child they have. To me this statue is a monument to laziness, irresponsible, basically ” a monument to free loaders”

    • Anonymous

      You are correct Nina. And anyone who is responsible thinks the same way.

    • Amennnnnnnnnnnn…they have used that race card and getting out of control ta’ the point of almost no return, ta’ live free on freebies. I agree its time ta’ show them freebies is not freedom. Freedom is getting a humans ass up everyday and working ta’ buy your own shit’ while paying uncle Sam, so uncle Sam can pay them who work 4 the people and them that have worked into retirement.

  • Anonymous

    We see that everyday with real live people…so why have a statue?

  • I’ve been telling people for years that the Negro’s are trying to take over & make white existance as if it never was.I tell people look at the Planet of the Apes movie from the 60’s.They made it after James Earl Ray blew off The Anti-Christ MLK,s head.The movie about the white man took the monkey out of jungle trained them gave them brains enough to work instead of swinging from trees & eating out of mudholes like many Africans still do.but the movie is about letting the monkeys turn on you & destroy any proof that the human race(The White Man)ever existed & put up monkey statue.(Martin Luther King) A.K.A. The Anti-Christ.But the good news white man nukes the planet in the end instead of giving it to monkeys.

  • The race wars coming but don’t worry Putin doesn’t like blacks or intefa either.So we got this load them boats up for Africa now.And play that song Welcome To The Jungle.P.S. Sorry foodstamps & medicaid gone.

  • Jon Clay

    Very trendy these days, DOWNING Civil War Generals, & glorifying ‘homegrown’ terrorist organizations like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, & New Black Panthers, DANGEROUS ACTIONS DESIGNED TO MOVE AMERICA CLOSER TO CIVIL WAR II. WAKE UP AMERICA, FOR IT IS ALMOST TOO LATE!!!

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