JUST HAPPENED: Al Sharpton’s Daughter Arrested….


The Color of Privilege

Photo credit: New York Post

The word “privilege” has come to mean something entirely different to leftists, after President Trump’s victory. Now it is an insult, reserved for anyone who is white and conservative. However, we often see how liberals are misplacing that definition. Case in point, Ashley Sharpton.

Ashley is the 30-year-old daughter of the infamous “Reverend” Al Sharpton.  The child of enormous wealth and privilege was recently celebrating her birthday in New York City. To cap-off her night of lavish partying, she allegedly assaulted a cab driver. Because the man would not succumb to her every demand.

According to reports, after hailing a cab, the trouble started. Confusing the driver, all three individuals gave different destinations and the cabbie stopped the vehicle. He then told the passengers that he wasn’t going anywhere until they could agree on one location. Ashley Sharpton was sitting next to him.

Police investigating the case, are stating that before jumping from the vehicle she took the keys from the ignition. Subsequently, the cabbie followed Ashley telling her “give me back my keys.” After shouting “I don’t have your keys,” she later admitted tossing them away according to the New York Post.

In addition, after attacking the cab driver, Ashley fled the scene of her crime. Authorities found her two hours later, on a neighboring street. Unfortunately for her, footage of the incident, shows her shoving the driver and punching him in the chest. NYPD is charging her with petty larceny and criminal possession of stolen property for having the cabbie’s keys.

The Reverend Responds

Photo credit: Twitter

Al Sharpton is stopping just short of defending his daughter. “She told me it didn’t happen the way they said it happened but I can’t speak for a 30-year-old woman,” the activist preacher told the New York Daily. Prior to her arrest, he sent Ashley a loving birthday message on Twitter:

“Happy Birthday to my youngest, Ashley. A strong black woman and committed activist. So proud to be your Dad.”

Hopefully next year, he can add “convicted criminal” to her list of achievements.


  • Jeremy Mccauley

    Piece of garbage just like her gross looking monkey of a father!

    • garnet j smee

      Facebook bans you if you criticize goat raping muslims

  • Yuhgeng Tsay

    Like father like daughter. Con artist family and think they are above the law. They need a reality check. Put her behind bar to see what kind of community activist she really is.

  • Thomas Mescia


  • Ken Olver

    He Has the Money for the Bail, on all of the
    Taxes that the Bastard hasn’ the paid.

  • Dorothy Callicotte

    He should pay his million dollar tax bill.

  • John Newman

    I heard he was a Self proclaimed reverend, extortionist and tax evader. Along the lines of Jesse Jackson….Al “the Cadaver” must be a FBI mole in order to get away with everything he’s done….

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