Sick Muslim Woman Uses Harvey Victims to Raise Funds for Organizing


The tragedy unfolding in Texas is heartbreaking to watch. A toddler clinging to a deceased mother in the rising flood waters. Families trying to salvage precious memories. Police officers who will never go home again. People from all over the world are donating time and money, to help the victims. Apparently, these stories are fodder for Linda Sarsour to fund her Muslim activism.


On Tuesday, Sarsour sent out a tweet to her followers asking them to donate to the “Hurricane Harvey Community Relief Fund.” When you follow the link, it takes you to a website, that at first glance, looks legitimate. “Your donation is vital to ensuring that we have the resources we need to organize and fight for Texans devastated by Hurricane Harvey,” the site reads.

But if you look a little closer (i.e. fine print), you can see the real Linda Sarsour at work.

As a devout Muslim and Sharia Law advocate, Sarsour lies with relative ease. Her ideology not only permits lying for your cause, it encourages it. But, to use a tragic situation such as Hurricane Harvey to promote your own agenda, is beyond despicable. 

The people promoting the so-called charity fund is a leftist activist group- “Texas Organizing Project-Education Fund.” It is not hurricane relief. The odds of the money collected will be used to bring supplies like food or clothing are remote. Instead, they are spending the money “organizing” for the victims.

Interestingly, an explanation of how the funds will allegedly be used on the website is completely contrary to what the group posted to social media. We have included a screenshot of their post for comparison. 

Photo credit: Allen West

Even more frustrating, is that swindling people in the name of charity is nothing new to Sarsour. Earlier this year, in partnership with “Project Celebrate Mercy,” she helped raise over $150,000. The money was for repairing vandalized Jewish cemeteries.

However, $100,000 of that money was never received by the Golden Hill cemetery in Denver.

If you would like to make a donation to Texans in need, please consider Samaritan’s Purse. 100% of all money raised goes to aid those who are suffering.



  • AdirondackAnnie

    I saw that you could donate through AARP. I think I would trust that organization.

    • Up Huff

      ????????????? You haven’t really been paying attention to what AARP has been doing for the past few years, have you?
      Try again. There are far better. But check out FULLY any of those you care to donate through. Some pay exorbitant salaries, others on advertising, still others contract out their fundraising. The end result is that, in a LOT of cases the money donated never gets to the intended recipients.
      Not like in the old days when Churches did it all. And without paid personnel.

  • JEN

    She is a terrorist.

  • Up Huff

    When you have an outhouse pit why would you expect other than what it is?
    As far as I’m concerned she’s the epitome of what you’d expect to get when you open an outhouse door on a hot summer day and discover that it’s full to overflowing.
    THAT is how I view Sarsour.

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