Liberal Fact-Checker “Snopes” Caught Lying While Begging for Money


The old saying “the truth shall set you free” has been lost on the left-leaning fact-checking website Snopes. They would have you believe that they are a “bi-partisan” purveyor of factual information, but a little research quickly debunks that myth. Now, the site is on the verge of financial collapse and they are turning to their loyal followers to save them. With a classic liberal twist to the story, Snopes is not telling their loyal fans the entire truth. 


Screenshot: Go Fund Me


Begging for money on Go Fund Me, the owner spun a woeful tale about a “bitter dispute” with an outside vendor. This dispute they said, “is essentially holding the website hostage” by withholding ad revenue. However, their story isn’t entirely accurate. We know, hard to imagine, right?

Hard to imagine, right?

The outside vendor suing Snopes’ owner, David Mikkelson, is Proper Media. They purchased 50% of the company that owns the fact-checking site last year. That share belonged to Mikkelson’s ex-wife, Barbara. Their suit claims that “Mikkelson was unhappy that Barbara maintained ownership of half of what he always considered to be his company after the divorce.”

However, while Mikkelson has accused Proper Media of wrongdoing, the vendor has a different story to tell. One that involves fraud and embezzlement. Proper Media has alleged that Mikkelson not only broke the advertising contract but used “tens of thousands of [company] dollars” to cover legal fees for his divorce from Barbara last year.

Photo credit: Daily Mail

Mikkelson reportedly also used company money to finance his honeymoon with a former escort and porn star, Elyssa Young, and romps with other escorts. Conveniently, those facts were left out on the Go Fund Me site. Despite not telling readers the truth, Mikkelson wants people to trust him that the money he collects will be used responsibly.

“The money will be used to meet our basic operating expenses, the overwhelming bulk of which is the salaries of our staff,” wrote Mikkelson. 


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