Keurig Drops Sean Hannity, Look What Conservatives Are Doing Now…

Hannity Keurig
Sean Hannity and Judge Roy Moore | Photo credit Breitbart

Conservative voters are sick and tired of Democrats’ double standards. They become especially angry if those standards are aimed at one of their favorite pundits like Sean Hannity. And you know it’s bad, when his caffeine-loving fans start smashing their Keurig coffee makers.

Deplorables across the country are taking a stand for Sean Hannity. Liberal backlash over his interview with Roy Moore was harsh and immediate. Shockingly, many people are accusing Hannity of defending a child molester.

Of course, there is no solid evidence to support Moore’s accusers. At least, not yet.  Nevertheless, that isn’t stopping leftists from condemning both men. Social media users began targeting advertisers immediately after the interview, urging them not to support Hannity.

In response, several of the Fox host’s sponsors dropped their ads. At least five companies, including Keurig, have said they will no longer advertise their products during his show. A move that has Hannity fans, very upset.

Over the weekend, videos from Keurig owners started appearing on the internet featuring hashtags like #BoycottKeurig. Shared thousands of times, the videos show Hannity supporters smashing their coffee makers.

A man going by the name of “Snoop Bailey,” was among the first to post a video. Apparently a golfer, he uses a driver to smash his Keurig. The caption on the video reads, “Join me & @AngeloJohnGage in the #KeurigSmashChallenge & learn how to crush your drives as a bonus.

Packing a Punch

Ivanka Trump supporters boycotted Nordstrom after they dropped her fashion line | Photo credit YouTube

Consumers carried out similar boycotts this year against Nordstrom and the NFL. After Nordstrom made the decision to drop Ivanka Trump’s fashion line, her supporters cut-up their store credit-cards. Football fans, burned their gear in response to players kneeling for the national anthem.

Not surprisingly, leftists are denouncing the Keurig boycott as ridiculous. “How was your day?” asked one Twitter user. “I destroyed my coffee maker because the company that made it stopped advertising on a show where the host defended a child molester. Cool.”

Nevertheless, Hannity is thankful to his viewers for their support. He retweeted some of the videos and encouraged people to continue the fight. Additionally, he hinted of offering new coffeemakers for the best videos.

“Deplorable friends, I am buying 500 coffee makers tomorrow to give away!!” he wrote. “Details on radio and TV. Hint: best videos!!”


  • BC

    It’s great…these leftist-rats are suffering delusions of grandeur…they think they’re the majority b/c of the domination they have in media (presents a false power structure….”take the election polling/predicting last year vs. outcome”)…and with media domination (aka, an “UN-FREE PRESS SYSTEM” btw), they control most narratives…they easily create lies/false-truths…one of the biggest being, “Republicans dominate Corporate America & compile most of the 1% wealthy” blah blah….BULLCHIT….MOST corporate executives are Leftist-rats (RINO’s like MGM’s Jim Murren are still Leftists! Just cloaked).

  • mcqueens2002

    I don’t drink their over rated coffee anyways so I could care less what they do. They do need to keep their nose out of politics though. Stick to doing what they do best making coffee pots and puck coffee.

  • Up Huff

    I believe that Keurig recanted. Apparently the person who did it was not in a position to do so. Correct me if I’m wrong.
    As for the Twit who ‘twittered’ that Moore was a pedophile, if he/she can be identified he/she can lose whatever they have (being a Democrat means, not much) for both slander. There has been ZERO substantiation of the accusations, and in fact it has been determined that the single piece of ‘substantiation’ presented by that fool ‘lawyer’ was faked. Moore’s signature is not the same and the number forms do not match.
    Apparently Democrats believe everyone else is as stupid as they are.

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