Ivanka Mercilessly Slammed For Doing This Sweet Thing…


Ivanka sent a tweet on Monday, thanking first responders for their bravery. She also sent out prayers to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. What she got in return for her message of support and compassion, however, was nothing short of hateful and shameful.

“Maybe if your Dad spent money on saving Texas instead of building walls things there would go a little better! Greedy Trump family, no help,” replied a user named Suzanne. Another commenter suggested that Ivanka should be there helping. “If you want America to look at you differently, go out there and lend a helping hand yourself,” Ed Krassentein remarked.

The list of nasty comments on Ivanka’s tweet seemed utterly endless. Those remarking on the post are blaming both the first-daughter and President Trump for everything under the sun. Each of them, repeatedly, admonished for not doing anything to help Texas residents. Which, is a bit ironic since the only thing these bullies are doing with their time is bashing someone on the internet.

How exactly is that helping the people in Houston?

In times like this, it becomes very difficult to ignore this ugly, leftist vitriol. This is not the time to be divisive. It is a time for the American spirit to be alive and well and full of love. Which, is what we are seeing in Louisiana’s Cajun Navy-a group of boaters rescuing flood victims.

Photo credit: The Blaze

And, in the efforts of police, firemen, paramedics, neighbors, and strangers working around the clock to render aid to the helpless. Together. 


We definitely don’t see it in the words and actions of these hate-mongering keyboard warriors. This group of people is in need of a serious lesson in the power of prayer and humility. A lesson they could easily learn by following Ivanka Trump’s example

  • oldenough2remember

    Shameful, just shameful. These people are so full of bitterness and hatred, it’s hard to comprehend how they function in the real world.

    • Adele Bonfiglio

      Do these people forget he actually went to Texas and handed out water and food. He sent all resources and money to Texas to help them!!! Stupid people!!!

  • Chris Carroll Tuckey

    And just what are you doing to help Texans, Ed. You are a very bitter person and you are part of the problem with the hatred and violence in this world. Go find a hobby and shut your mouth.

  • Yuhgeng Tsay

    Haters will always be haters. They will live their lives full of hate and eventually the hate will consume their lives. Let’s just ignore those haters and there is no medicine for that type of disease.

  • oldenough2remember

    I suppose the one million dollars of his own money that President Trump donated to Texas relief is just a big nothing to these liberal whiners. I cannot imagine e living with as much anger and resentment as these people show every single day.

    • oldenough2remember

      All you have to do is look at most of them and you can see how the hatred is rotting them from the inside out…..

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