First-Grade Student Investigated for “Pronoun Mishap” in California


The incident happened at the Rocklin Academy, a charter school in Sacramento. During recess, the little girl ran into a classmate from kindergarten, and she called-out to him using his given name, the name she learned was his last year. However, the boy apparently now identifies as a girl- so calling him by his boy name is now “bullying.”

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A first-grader investigated for bullying because they don’t understand transgenderism.

Let that sink in.

Sadly, Rocklin Academy is adept at causing outrage among parents. A kindergarten teacher recently hosted a “gender reveal” for a little boy who was transitioning to a girl. The school did not inform parents about the transgender classroom discussion. Nor can they opt-out of such lessons.

Education or Indoctrination?

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School administrators responded to the parent’s complaints, telling them they “could not opt their five-year old out of the lesson. They also noted that the state does not require them to notify parents. California law only requires parental consent for sex education curriculum. The “gender identity” lesson falls under the state’s “tolerance and diversity” curricula.

This is what indoctrination looks like. The state becomes the children’s nanny.

Karen England, from the public policy group California Resource Institute, spoke with Todd Starnes about this latest incident. “This innocent little first grader sees a classmate, calls him by the name she knew him last year and the boy reports it to a teacher,” England told Mr. Starnes. “The little girl gets in trouble on the playground and then gets called out of class to the principal’s office.”

England reported that the principal investigated the little girl to determine if she “bullied” the boy by calling him by his name. After grilling her for an hour, the principal came to the conclusion it was an “honest mistake.” CRI and Alliance Defending Freedom are investigating both this situation and the gender reveal.

  • Gail Hayes

    Rocklin Academy…near my home..this is totally SICK! A transgender 5 yr old?? really? SICK

  • Jenifer Parker

    NOW, CONSIDERING THE PEDIATRIC COUNCIL?(anyone know the exact name of the Pediatric group??please share it) HAS DETERMINED that TRANSGENDERISM IS CHILD ABUSE??? What can be done legally about this teachers acts???

  • JAS

    What a pitiful, blatant abuse of a child! First, any child 5 years old who believes they are of the opposite sex was coached, most likely by parents! Next, the little boy is now screwed in the head. The school, may the ground open up and swallow it, is committing child abuse! Why did we ever ban a good ole horse whipping?

  • Martha Irish

    By the way: Hey, is “bullying” a masculine or feminine term/word/action???Ha! School personnel should tell the kids, “run & play & discuss this matter with your parents at home later”!!! PERIOD. Whatever happened to children’s innocent friendships…

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