World Leaders Show Blatant Disrespect for Obama and the United States Of America


There once was a time when America held and commanded absolute respect from its global neighbors and world leaders. It instilled trepidation in its enemies. It seems that the post world war era of American exceptionalism has fallen by the wayside. This is thanks to Obama, his administration, and embarrassing failures at home and abroad.

America was once the most powerful nation in the world, the sole superpower that emerged from the Second World War with a formidable economy and equally if not more impressive military. But as the years have passed, America has become a laughing stock, and world leaders are not afraid to tell us.

Most notably of those vocal against the US is Philippine President Duterte . The Phillipines was not so long ago, a friend and close ally of the US, as well as an important geopolitical partner. Just recently Duterte expressed his interest in making a pact with China. A country whose antagonistic ambitions (building artificial islands and acting aggressively towards neighboring countries) have been strongly condemned by the US, and repeatedly ignored. China has now found a new ally in Duterte, who openly insults the US and its leadership. If Obama had been a competent, strong leader, this simply would not be the case.

“…I am no American puppet. I am the President of a sovereign country and I am not answerable to anyone except the Filipino people. Son of a b****, I will swear at you.” Said Duterte.

Rodrigo Duterte being interviewed in July
Rodrigo Duterte being interviewed in July Credit:

At a recent conference in the Phillipines capital, Manila, Duterte professed he is actively considering looking for a “better deal” for Filipinos; marking an unfortunate shift from the time the Southeast Asian nation was almost nearly inherited as an American colony from Spain. “Eventually I might, in my time, I will break up with America.” Then he added, “I would rather go to Russia and China.” These remarks were mild compared to what Duterte said about Obama in recent months when he unapologetically called Obama, a “son of a b****” and told the president that he can, “go to hell”.

It’s not just the newly elected Filipino President and China that show clear disrespect for the United States, Putin has been acting aggressively as well. The annexation of Crimea and the intervention crisis in Ukraine saw a new level of deterioration between the two countries, beginning with Crooked Hillary’s “new deal”. A heavy dose of sanctions and tough rhetoric were implemented by Obama and his administration to virtually no effect.

Perhaps, in Putin’s eyes, it’s because The United States is no longer a country that is respected on the world stage. Through Putin’s lens, Obama and his failed policies at home and abroad have made the US a joke.  And with leaders like these, who could blame him?

In times like these, America requires strong, concise leadership. Eight years of a Democratic presidency and Crooked Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State has led to disasters, destruction, and continuous degradation. America can no longer afford to lose its place on the world stage at the hands of incompetent leaders and their devious self-interests. While other countries lose long held respect for the US, the upcoming Presidential election in November, now more than ever, will undoubtedly change the course of America’s future; for better, or for worse. 

Are you voting for Trump to change the course of America’s future for the better?

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