Melania Trump Defends Her Husband


Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump have been the subjects of ruthless media attention that painted Mrs. Trump as a plagiarist among other accusations. She gave a speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland a few months ago. Now, she’s come out to defend Mr. Trump saying that his behavior towards women has been “inappropriate” however, “we are moving on.”

She told “Access Hollywood” that Donald Trump, they claim, launched sexual assault on women was “not the man that…[she] knows.”

For Hillary Clinton, or any Democrat, to say anything would be hypocritical. At least they had real immediate proof for Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults on women.

Speaking Up For Family

Trump family stands behind him.
Trump family stands behind him.

The campaign decided that it would be a good idea for Mrs. Trump to speak up for her husband’s character as top aids have had plenty of issues to soothe. How can they respond to reports of Trump forcing himself on women? Just last weekend, the campaign began trying to come up with options for getting Mrs. Trump to be heard publicly. She gave two interviews to defend her husband: one at Fox News and the other on CNN.

On Fox News, she spoke with Ainsley Earhardt. She clearly seemed upset with the things her husband had said. She explained, “Those words, they were offensive to me and they were inappropriate. And he apologized to me. We are moving on.” She also said that she was firmly standing with her husband. Melania added that Donald Trump said those things as an “entertainer” who wasn’t a politician. She said, “This is not the man that I know. We could see, as I always said, as my husband said, as well, for a successful businessman, entrepreneur, entertainer to achieving so much in his life, being in so many shows, so many tapes, it’s very hard to run for public office. And he did this anyway. He said, ‘I want to help American people. I want to keep America safe. I want to bring back jobs, bring back economy, so our children, our futures will be the best way possible.’”


Mr. Trump explained that the things he said were just “locker-room talk.” At that debate where he defended himself, Anderson Cooper from CNN pushed Trump into saying that he never actually did any of those things he said. 

Trump stands strong behind his denial of doing any of those sexual assaults and he calls them a conspiracy by the media. He says CNN and The New York Times are the main ones. Prior to the debate, Trump hosted three women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault or rape.

  • Michael James Vasger

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