Hillary And Bill Panic After Chris Christie Orders For “Special Prosecutors”


“We need special prosecutors!” Shouts Chris Christie in Regards to the Clinton Foundation

Dirty little Hillary is up to it again, after news broke about her donations. Apparently, more than half the people Clinton met with were outside government donors.

Christie says,

“We must get to the bottom of what looks like a pay-to-play scheme.”

He then added, “As a former federal prosecutor, the path is clear. The Clinton Foundation must be investigated NOW!”

Pres. Bill & Hillary Rodham Clinton walking WH lawn, going on vacation amid allegations of impropriety re AR Whitewater real estate deal involvement.  (Photo by Dirck Halstead/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)

On top of that, he spoke of the importance of the investigation into the Clinton Foundation taking place prior to the upcoming elections in November.

The Clinton Foundation still sits as the largest problem for Hillary’s Campaign. The Foundation’s ethical boundaries are constantly being questioned and so is her own personal moral attitude. It’s been said, time and time again, that Hillary blatantly used her role in the State Department as an abuse of power. And to raise personal funds for the organization.

Christie openly supports Trump for president and now serves on his transition team.

“Bought and paid for by special interests.”

Were the words Donald Trump used when describing his latest insights into Hillary’s misuse of her role in the State Department and her relentless disrespect for the American Constitution and our country.

The latest news about Hillary’s scandals, specifically her email one has made it crystal clear that a majority of what we’ve seen is still in the shadows. As we all know, Hillary is non-stop with cover ups, lies and deceit. It makes me wonder how she has time to run for an election when she spends so much time covering up her crimes and personal history as a liar.

I know those are harsh words, but let’s face it… Clinton is one of the shadiest politicians to ever grace the White House and potentially become president. I consider myself to have a good intuition about people, and for whatever reason, Hillary makes the hairs on my back stand up. Kind of like nails running down the chalkboard or even worst.

The reality is as of now; Hillary has deleted more than 33,000 emails in order to cover her crimes.

This is exactly why she has put forth so much energy into covering up her trail and lying to congress. The beauty of it is this, what goes around always comes around. And it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out. I would keep a close a close eye on her to make sure she can’t cover her tracks any further. And Hillary best start counting her days before her lies and secrets are unveiled and the American people find out how much of a monster she truly is in the political world.


*Editor’s Note: This post was edited on September 19, 2016, for accuracy.

  • Mike Davis

    A Lot of noise and nothing ever happens. 90% of Washington DC belongs in prison. They are all thieves and worse. you would need 5000 special prosecutors just for the senate and congress, not to mention the Pentagon. USA needs to reset to day 1 , 1776.

    • Ballard Kurt

      You are correct, but even then at least some of the 5000 special prosecutors would just get sucked into the racket. There is only one fix, if we’re lucky voting might get us a band-aid so we can kick the can further down the road. The only way to fix it is arrest all of them, give them their due process which will be short and sweet, as will their punishment. Put them in front of the peoples firing squad and execute them. Government is supposed to fear the people, it should come as no surprise they don’t fear WE THE PEOPLE in the slightest, here in lies the problem. I know it sounds harsh because it is harsh, but, what it is, is what it is. They’ve committed treason more times than I can count, they’ve murdered, raped, pillaged, plundered, lied, extorted, cheated, from capital crimes to citations they’ve done it and gotten away with it because WE THE PEOPLE let them. Executing them will send a message that won’t be forgotten for a 100-150 years.

  • George Edward Booker


    • aa aaa

      Phew…………… at least it’s not Hitlerys colostomy bag! That killed thousands of snakehead fish in the Potomac!

  • Tim S. Turner

    Not a fan of Hillary, but this dust up over 30,000 emails when Rove deleted over 20 MILLION emails during an investigation looks just petty. Again, not a fan, but come on now.

    • William Clampet

      20,000,000 ? Where are your facts to support YOUR claims ? shouldnt you have provided proof before making a bizarre claim, you must be a liberal, running your mouth checks you cant cash.

      • luthersomd

        Try Google….you can find facts there.

        • aa aaa

          Stupid old phuck…………. Huffington Post???? silly a$$hole!

    • Man_Up_Mittens

      Actually was closer to 22,000,000…

    • luthersomd

      And they used an RNC server.

  • Tim S. Turner

    Also, Christie calling for an investigation when he still has Bridgegate hanging over his corrupt head is hilarious.

    • David Taylor

      Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  • Man_Up_Mittens

    The REAL Donald Trump…

  • concernedcitizen20099

    Where are the Special Prosecutors for the Bridgegate Scandal?! Where are the thousands of emails run on a private server by Chris Christie and destroyed?! Where are Trump’s tax returns?! Let’s get Special Prosecutors on those issues..

  • Mtt1231

    Not releasing taxes and closing bridges aren’t treasonous!

  • JohnFMayer

    So Hillary takes money from the rich and gives it to the poor. Her campaign color should be Lincoln green. Let’s hope she and her very large band of merry men AND women sweep the henchmen of the evil nobles from power.

    • William Shuffield

      Actually only 10% of CF donations go to charity.A whopping 90% go to Administrative fees. Any other charity would be shut down and criminal charges pending. They take from the rich and give them lucrative contracts &cushy government positions in return. Robin Hood they aint

      • luthersomd

        That’s a lie. Charity Watch gives the CF an “A” rating. In excess of 80% of donations go to various charities.

        • Rebecca Gee


          • aa aaa

            He’s just regurgitating the garbage spoon fed to him on the Baltimore Sun board. Most see him as a senile old nutcase.

          • luthersomd

            You are a typical Trump nut case. Mouth in gear and brain out to lunch.

          • aa aaa

            Silly old sissy take your meds without ODing this time.

          • luthersomd

            Looks like you are alergic to facts. BS is in your mind.

          • aa aaa

            Time for your dirtnap psycho, take Sunflower and HST with you.

          • luthersomd

            If you want to jaw about Sun forum posters come out in the sun shine. Only cowards lurk in the shadows.

        • Dlbnfla

          More than 80% goes the clinton money laundering machine. How did Chelsea afford a 7 million dollar home? Wake up amd smell the bullshit.

          • luthersomd

            That is not a lie. The facts are available in the public domain. All the bullshit is in your corner.

          • aa aaa

            Silly baboon, why did Bubbas slut PHYSICALLY destroy her illegal unsecured devices????

          • luthersomd

            More of the same BS.

          • aa aaa

            You’re saying the tramp did NOT destroy the phones????

          • Jim

            What does that have to do with the Clinton Foundation?

          • aa aaa

            You think ANYTHING connected with the scum is straight up???

        • Jimmy Chio

          Don’t try to reason with the inbreeders

  • Shirley Renfro

    This is nothing but a bunch of lies . These two have been around long enough and been through enough that nothing will ever surprise them they now just expect it . So give up on all the lies they don’t work for all of us who are with them .

  • Rebecca Gee

    TRUMP // PENCE 2016!

  • Chuck Gibson

    There is a idiot in every crowd, and you just added to it. Are you just dumber than a box of rocks, or are you ready for a civil war in the United States. Hope you idiots have your guns, because I won’t master my time trying to save your worthless ass.

  • Jim

    This means nothing except to Trump supporters. The Governor is lucky he is not being investigated.

    • Bruce Baker

      They all need to be investigated from the President , Senate , Congress , State Governors and City and Town MAYORS.

  • Jimmy Chio

    Uummm isn’t Crispy actually facing charges as we speak…nice spin.

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