Greatest SUPPORT VIDEO – The Real Donald Trump


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Donald Trump is, in fact, a good person who genuinely has America’s interests at heart.

He has exactly the skills and mindset we need to propel this country in the right direction. The media and the establishment have tried so hard to get a certain image of Donald Trump into our heads – the level of deceit and hate going around is a disgrace.

But we know too well that image is false. Our last hope is Trump. Let’s make America great again!

  • Bob Earls

    I’ve been telling my friends and pretty much anyone that would listen that he would do what has been needed done for us and I wasn’t a real big fan when all this started but I pushed aside all the obvious bull from the press that was such an easy give away of them trying to dog him and just listen to what he was saying and it was easy to see what his motive is and it’s to make us great and that’s the only reason for him being there he’s given up a lot and taken a lot from a lot of ungrateful people but he isn’t giving up and still hasn’t taken a dime for it nobody realizes that fact so what other reason could he have for taking all of the abuse and keep up the level of work he’s had from the start we should be thankful he hasn’t just gave us the bird and walked away shaking his head with disgust and frustration we have never had anyone up there that has taken so much and gotten so little without missing a step on the path of making us all great again not just the whites our just his polished friends but all of us we owe the man our thanks and respect and then thank god for him so many stupid people out there and it’s right in front of their face poor fools

    • Lavetta Collier

      Beautifully said ty. And I totally agree. Please president Trump keep up the great work

  • Linda H. Bax

    He is a Great President, Americans should be proud of their President now, real class and American Royalty

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