FlyGate: Crooked Hillary, Lady of the Flies


The debate Sunday night saw sparks fly between Trump and Clinton. The email scandal, Donald’s tax returns, the question of Syria and terrorism, and the scandalous tape leaked just days before the debate. These were some of the topics discussed.

Donald Trump had an impressive arsenal of one liners, zingers, and damning allegations. Most of which, Clinton couldn’t seem to counter. Probably one of the most shocking things that happened, was a third party who decided to make an appearance. No, it wasn’t Bill Clinton backstage with a shocking confession. It was something a little more peculiar. We expected to hear outlandish lies being repeatedly coughed up by Clinton. The same rehearsed nonsense she routinely recites. However, a surprising non-humanoid friend decided to pester the candidate during the debate. Not once, twice, or three times, but constantly throughout.

The buzzing insectoid that has come to be known, on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, as the #debatefly, decided to buzz around Clinton mid-speech, took two breaks from its busy travels and plopped a landing square on Hillary’s face. What’s a little unsettling is that upon landing, it sat there for a few solid seconds and Clinton didn’t even seem to flinch. For whatever reason, the fly seemed uninterested in Trump, instead it focused all its attention on Hillary.

It didn’t bother the Democratic candidate just once either, on more than one occasion the fly was seen buzzing around her, then landed a second time in the middle of her shirt, rested there for a solid ten seconds, then flew off. What’s a little more intriguing, or perhaps purely coincidental, is that Obama has had a long-standing history with flies that don’t seem to want to leave him alone either.

There have been numerous interviews and speeches where flies almost seem to appear out of nowhere. Only to decide to pester Obama. Is this just a case of a buggy pest or does it point to something more ominous? Well, first you have to take into account what flies are attracted to. 

So why one would land on the President’s face? Flies like anything that is decaying or dying. One of the reasons they like feces so much is because the materials are broken down and processed so it’s easier for them to digest the nutrients. Maybe you can chalk it up to the fact that flies are attracted to garbage, literally. Maybe what’s coming out of Obama’s mouth is so close to the latter that flies really can’t tell the difference. It would make sense since the fly landed on Hillary not once, but twice and continued to buzz around her for the whole debate.,d.bGs&psig=AFQjCNFvBr2iR3BE-QpP_LqFJpY6Xls0bw&ust=1476376135174555
Fly Lands on Obama during speech

Naturally, the symbolism of the fly in popular culture is associated with something less favorable. Iconic books like Lord of the Flies, and cult classics like The Exorcist, as well as The Amityville Horror, use flies to symbolize sin. The latter two specifically use the fly to signal that a negative entity is afoot. Sometimes, it also means that something demonic is nearby. A fly that’s constantly zeroing in on Obama and Clinton, flying around them, landing on them and no one else, denote implications that are more ominous. Why didn’t the fly even buzz close to Donald?

Why have these flies chosen to appear and bother these two on air? Is it just pure coincidence?

Maybe. The fly phenomenon may hold no real significance other than to serve as a brief moment of levity, earning its fifteen minutes of fame and amounting to nothing else. Or maybe the fly serves to signal something else entirely, something a little more sinister and slightly uncomfortable to consider.

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