What Donald Trump Just Did For The American People Is Truly Remarkable


Donald Trump just did exactly what ivory-tower pundits have been taunting him to do–lay out his economic plan to make America great again.

Pointing to Detroit as an example of “the living, breathing” example of democratic failed economic agendas with its unemployment rate at more than twice the national average.

“Half of all Detroit residents do not work. Detroit tops the list of the most dangerous cities in terms of violent crime. These are the silenced victims whose stories are never told by Hillary Clinton.”

“We will make America grow again.”

Trump went on to make several campaign promises.

* Lower corporate tax rates from 40% income in taxes to 15%

* Eliminate the estate tax.

* Free families from having to pay death taxes.

Lest you think that Trump’s economic plan was designed one to benefit the rich and powerful, he also spoke out about the struggling family as well.

The Trump plan makes good on what his daughter, Ivanka, spoke about at the Republican convention. Families would be able to “fully deduct” all childcare expenses from their taxes. This, the Trump campaign believes would not only reduce the cost of childcare but also add a “much needed relief to American families.”

Of course, the Clinton campaign attacked the plan as giving super big tax breaks to large corporations and the really wealthy–said the billion-dollar-woman.


“We’re going to make the wealthy pay their fair share,” [Clinton] said, drawing cheers from the crowd. “I am not going to raise taxes on the middle class, but with your help we are going to raise it on the wealthy.”

She also took a swing at Trump’s new team of economic advisers, dismissing them as “hedge fund guys, billionaire guys, six guys named Steve, apparently” –said the billion-dollar-lady

Class warfare. Demonizing. Dividing the country into the “haves” and “have-nots.”

The choice between the two candidates economic plans couldn’t be more plain. It sort of boils down to this.

If you have to work for someone else, you want them to have enough money to pay you better than they pay the government.

You also want to be able to afford to go to work.

If you want to work for yourself, the Trump plan will take the financial noose off your neck so you aren’t afraid to jump.

With the Clinton plan, if you manage to overcome all the obstacles put forth above–without Trump’s help, you will be punished for entering the class of the rich.

Don’t think taxes are punishment? Tell that to the tobacco industry. The government has all but demolished the tobacco industry through taxation.

It gives tax credits to those it deems worthy, and lays heavy tax burdens on those who it despises. From the sounds of Hillary Clinton’s plan– she despises the rich. How’s that for the definition of hypocrisy?

  • Trance1015

    She is far seperated from reality. She says Trump’s advisors are hedge fund guys and billionaire guys. George Soros, whom is both, OWNS HER.

    • Billy Wolf

      You do know O’l Donnie here spends Christmas with the Soros right? He is very good friends, almost family with them…His head man is Partners with Hillary in Business…Dont you people know how to use Google???

      • disewer

        Hillary”s daughter had her wedding at his mansion.

      • disewer

        Wow! Since when is google honest and truthful. Hillary’s daughter was married at George Soros mansion! Talk about cozy.

      • Trance1015

        If you study Soros background, you would find it hard to believe he would have anything to do with Christmas. However, if they do spend any time together, do you think Ol’ Donnie would express his gratitude for the violence Soros has brought to his campaign?

  • Billy Wolf

    That son of a bitch just Screwed you good and you are happy about it you dip shits..91% Marginal tax rates and NO more corp. Welfare and Estate tax 90% over 5 Million..Screw you rich people you are going off welfare…..He just sent your family into poverty dumb ass…This guy is Corporate stooge just like Clinton..He is a Liar and you cant believe a word out of his mouth..

    • disewer

      Did Hillary go in her pocket and pay for her campaign? She owes favors big time especially to large corporations, questionable governments, wall street hedge funds, and Marxist George Soros!

    • Trance1015

      Your testimony is fabricated drivel.

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