Donald Trump Devastated After Campaign Manager Quits… He’s Call For America’s Support


 The Trump campaign chariman Paul Manafort has just resigned from his position according to the Republican nominee.

“This morning Paul Manafort offered, and I accepted, his resignation from the campaign,” Trump said. “I am very appreciative for his great work in helping to get us where we are today, and in particular his work guiding us through the delegate and convention process. Paul is a true professional and I wish him the greatest success.”
With the impending election rounding the corner, Manafort’s leave is representative in a change in power in the campaign: Two aides were moved into senior leadership positions on Tuesday, Keyllyanna Conway and Steven Bannon.
According to CNN,
A Trump source said Manafort told Trump he was becoming a distraction and he wanted to end that. A senior Trump campaign aide added later Friday that Trump lost faith in Manafort a couple of weeks ago, feeling like Manafort wasn’t quick enough with answers to his questions, instead offering to look into an issue or get him a report on it. Trump doesn’t want people around him who he thinks are moving too slowly, the aide said.
“Trump and he don’t have chemistry,” the aide said.
A friend of Manafort’s told CNN Saturday that he wasn’t going to take orders or relinquish power to Conway or Bannon. The friend added that’s not a knock on either of them, but just “how (Manafort) rolls.”
Some of Manafort’s business activities were called into question with certain clientele in Ukraine. If this get’s linked back to Trump it could ruin him. Not only did one of his main leaders just leave him in a crucial time during the race, but his business might also jeopardize his presidency.
Donald Trump truly does need your support now more than ever. Do you stand behind him? Do you think he will make America great again?
  • Rene’ Widzicki

    I will always stand behind Donald Trump! I am sure he has good judgement!
    Sometimes ya just gotta clean house! The Manafort Bro’s come from New Britian, Ct
    Where my husband grew up…

  • How come if things get back to Trump he’s ruined but everything gets back to Hillary and it means nothing?

  • Proverbs31Wife

    My family will stand behind Mr Trump and Mike Pence through the election, the inauguration and the next 8 years!
    God bless our next president and the USA!

  • Lorraine Holmes

    I am 100% with Trump and have been from Day One!!! Upward and onward to a successful win on 11/8/16!!!

  • aznative

    This article is a lie. His departure was mutual. Dear Jesus we hate the lying media. I pray you close their mouths like you did the lions in the den with Daniel. Our nation is full of Devils. Restore your glory in Jesus name today. Amen.

  • aznative

    It was mutual. I hate these lying articles. God you deal with this evil. Amen

  • aznative

    Funny nobody mentions Hillary’s ties to Russia and uranium.

  • Janice

    this being from CNN I don’t trust all of this so until Trump speaks about it I don’t care what his sight says TRUMP 2016

  • Janice

    This being from CNN I don’t trust what they write nor say so until Trump confirms i’m not worrying about it. And as for CNN quoting from manforts friends I truly don’t believe

  • Nancy Kashif

    I will always stand behind Donald J Trump, as far as I am concerned he’s the best for President in the last 20 yrs…an amazing man, who loves our country! God bless America and Trump/Pence families!

  • Sharon Morin

    vote Trump

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