CHILLING: Look What Just Happened to Man Who Kept Syringe Near Hillary at All Times


A man who has been in Hillary’s inner circle since the beginning of her campaign trail has created some controversy when he was photographed carrying a syringe-like pen with him by Clinton’s side.

The man is dressed like a secret service agent, however it is clear that he is by Hillary’s side for a different reason.

According to Conservative Tribune,

But it’s what’s happened to this man since being outed by the media over a week ago that has had the internet suddenly talking about him again.

Twitter users pointed out that during a campaign stop in a Las Vegas union hall on Aug. 4, Hillary Clinton froze suddenly. She looked to be unsure of where she was, almost as if she were in a trance.

Once this happened, a group of men from her camp rushed over to aid her. The strange man was among the group.

If the man were a Secret Service agent, maybe this would explain things. However, an expert in Secret Service tactics weighed in and stated that agents would never touch a candidate in the manner that this man did.

And with the reported disdain that Clinton has for the agents working for her, she would likely not have allowed it. Many think they may have found the smoking gun … er, syringe … pointing to this man’s true purpose for being by Clinton’s side.

It has been made clear that the man was carrying what looked like “Diazepam auto-ejector pen”, used to treat someone with seizures.

The weird thing is that when Twitter exposed this man, he disappeared from the campaign trail. Hillary has not once mentioned or even publicly acknowledged the fact that this man exists which begs the question, what is she trying to hide.

This should be a clear indicator to all Americans, that Hillary Clinton is not fit to be president, her health is in jeopardy, which leaves America vulnerable.

Do you think if Hillary is sick she should not be eligible to run in November? What do you think she is hiding? Leave your comments below.


  • Jerry Barbee

    America needs to know the truth about her health. We can’t afford another weak President. We have had one for 8 years.
    Demand to know her true health status. You should ask yourself does this Shrew have enough stamina to take care of the country and it’s Citizens. I think NOT.

  • FlCracker2

    Hillary is sick, in so many ways.

  • ricks2524

    Look for him floating in the nearest river with 3 bullet holes in his chest with a suicide noted taped to his back

    • savtru

      Actually in his neighbors pool, face down, bullet in is head, ruled suicide!

  • cudakite

    Just watched a documentary on youtube about all her seizures which have been caught on video. I’m not overly political, but there is, without a doubt, something seriously wrong with this woman.

    • lapin.grove

      Yes, there is something wrong with her health and the fact that her heart is as black as coal.
      She and Billy J. have no souls either. THEY are some of those devils born in the end times to cause torment to humanity. Both of them, along with SOROS and Ziggy BRZEZINSKI .

  • Koos Venter

    Have a look at the guy on the right with the striped tie. He was also approaching her and while doing so, he took something that could also be a “Diazepam auto-ejector pen” from the pocket of his shirt. The first guy then signalled something to him and he then put it back in his pocket. Strange!

  • Peggy Roberts Way

    I think she’s trying to stay out of prison by taking a different approach since it is seemingly inevitable .

    • TheFleegazinSheet

      She is far too mentally impaired to believe she can go to prison. Nobody in the US criminal justice system has the balls to send her packin.

  • hathraswallah

    Two independent Neurologists from University of Michigan and Ohio State should be asked to examine Hillary whether she has traumatic brain injury and whether she is fit to handle the Emergencies and the codes of Nuclear Bombs or she will freeze or her husband will step in ?

  • Ronald Kerry Avitt

    Lucifer and Hillary…one in the same!

    • lapin.grove

      You know what? I think Billy J. is really the evil power behind her with Soros’ and Brzezinski’s help. One old Hungarian Nazi and the other a Polish Nazi. YES, Poland had plenty of Nazis during and before WWII. And now here they are running the EU and the USA.

  • stephanielobrian

    I have worked in the emergency medical field and that was definitely a pre-seizure moment. That far off stare and paralyzed look. Whatever it was, I can’t imagine what would happen to her under real stress. Not to mention, it shows a weakness to other countries.

  • Justan American

    He is a Nigerian who specializes in Neurology. He is also a Muslim. He was Cheryl Mills classmate at Howard University and his family is very influential in Nigeria.One of his relatives who was the Minister of oil rights and land died in Mecca while there on his holy trek. Another is Minster of youth and education in Nigeria. I doubt if he is even an American which makes it strange he would have that much access to a person who is running for the highest office in the land.

  • Greg Miller

    I hope she’s freaking dying, and the sooner the better.

  • Nancy Kashif

    HilldeBeast Clinton, isn’t qualified to be President, in more ways than one. I think she’s being used, and actually …Obama wants a ruthless man like Kaine as President! Who knows, maybe the syndicate is trying to knock Hillary off, or maybe she’s a clone. It’s been said that all top officials have clones. Maybe they do…more conspiracy. .maybe – maybe not?

    Either way vote for the man, who still loves America. And will return it to greatness, for all…thank you President Trump!

  • Pam

    Hillary Clinton is very sick. She is very sick in the head. She is a dangerous person. She is not fit to be President.

  • conniemt

    Oh, you Trumpers are so desperate to create any cockamamie story to defame Hillary. Work on making yourself look better instead of pointing fingers at your opponents.

    • TheFleegazinSheet

      Civil War libtard…you going to fight in it?

    • Bill Baggett

      Shut up conniemt ! What do you as a libertard know about anything !

  • t_borocks

    There is no honor left in Washington, Dc and little expectation of any, from the American people. We turned this beautiful nation over to a flock of buzzards who want nothing more than to destroy her. The Clintons, Bushes, Obamas, McCains, Ryans, Pelosi, McConnell, Reids, Feinsteins, the list goes on and on. These people have hijacked America, but we the people have to accept the blame for allowing it. Our government is nothing more than wealthy slobs and snobs who think they have the right to live and speak for us. We have a foreigner in the White House now, a criminal running for the office, and slugs and thugs like BLM and Black Panthers commendeering cities. Our former Secretary of State, now presidential candidate, sold America piece by piece around the world. She outed an individual who may have been helping us, resulting in his execution in Iran, on Aug 8th, and yet spineless cowards will still vote for her to be their leader. Afterall, Wisconsin sent Ryan, one of the biggest traitors in history, back to Washington when they could have changed the direction of our country. WTH?

  • Carol Ann Jones

    She’s as Sick as Sick gets! Not only Health wise but Human wise!
    Could anyone be hated any more than this SATANS Spawn?
    Wake-up People!
    Is “THIS” what you want running our Country?
    What does it take to Open your ?’s?????

  • savtru

    She should NOT be able to run, sick or not! She’s a fucking criminal!!!

  • TheFleegazinSheet

    America has almost died because of Obammer the Choom Gangbanger…but with this skeezy skank…America is OVER the day she is elected.

  • Corvette_Mom

    Seizures don’t make you commit her many crimes. She is CLEARLY UNFIT to even THINK about being in any office. She belongs in a prison. Not a jail cell at some sheriff’s ofc. but a PRISON for criminals. WAKE UP people who still support her and isis.

  • Jefferson Adams

    The American government has failed its citizens.

    Patriotic Americans must therefore take action NOW! You know what you must do. Every time Hillary Clinton appears in public, patriotic Americans must take those actions necessary to ensure she never, never, never appears again. Patriotic Americans must ensure her elimination from the presidential race. Patriotic Americans must take those actions
    necessary to remove her from contention permanently.

    It is long past time for Patriotic Americans to stop whining and complaining and calling each other names in the Comments Section of these alternative media sites. Patriotic Americans must all get on the same page and begin concerted efforts to right the wrongs our government continues to use to restrict our actions. It is time to RISE UP, People of America.

    We must take the steps necessary to permanently remove from public office all of those traitors occupying the seats of our government. Words alone will no longer do the trick. Words alone will no longer matter. It is time for action. It is time for positive, definite actions to
    change the course of our government and to get it back on track toward the America we know and love.

    No more wasted words and arguing and name-calling on these sites. Get out there and TAKE ACTION!

  • jminsandiego

    Please be careful with the phrase “begs the question.” It doesn’t mean “raises the question,” as you think it does. To beg the question is to assume that the subject of a debate has been established as true and then argue further from there. That is a very narrow and specific meaning for that phrase and it’s the only meaning it has.

    Say “raises the question,” “raises the issue,” “should provoke discussion” or some such. I hope this helps; I’m not a great writer but I have most of the rules memorized.

  • Edward Stone III

    wooow. so much craziness out here on the “internets”. many of you posting here, this is national inquirer level “news” Please drain some of the fear, toxicity you’ve apparently acquired from “news” coverage from “writers” like this and fox “news”

    • BleachBit_IT

      Your BLIND LOL

  • Jackie Ricca

    She is always hiding all things possible! She is absolutely not well, as we can see! She’s needing meds to get up and go, now! What will she do under more pressure? She was horrible as Secretary of State, now has the nerve to run for POTUS. How any person, with grey matter, vote for someone like, Hillary? They stole furnishings from the White House, shredded government documents, got rid of associates that crossed her, and so much more! God Help the USA!

  • TinaKumley

    So she and Bill want us to elect some who could be having a seizure while there is an emergency going on in the country.

    • BleachBit_IT

      I know right? First time I ever registered as a REPUBLICAN! Go TRUMP our only HOPE USA!

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