They’re FURIOUS — Look What The Bush Family Actually Wrote About Trump…

Bush Trump
George H.W. Bush and George W, Bush | Photo credit HillTalk

President Trump dashed the hopes of what the late Phylis Schlafly called “the king-makers” by crumbling some of America’s most prominent political dynasties. And now, it seems they are looking for some payback. In a new book from the Bush family, father and son slam the current president and reveal who they wanted to lead the country.  

The Last Republicans is a book of woeful tales. The pages are filled with longing a need-to return to a time when establishment political families ruled the kingdom. The antagonist of the story, of course, is Donald Trump. The man the Bush men repeatedly accuse of erasing their aristocratic legacy.

Former President, George H.W. Bush believes President Trump is a “blowhard” only interested in feeding his ego. “I don’t like him,” he said in May 2016. “I don’t know much about him, but I know he’s a blowhard. And I’m not too excited about him being a leader.” He dislikes him so much in fact that he cast his vote for Hillary Clinton.

His son thinks even of the less of the president. George W. suggests that Trump stirs public outrage and has no understanding of the job. “You can either exploit the anger, incite it,” he told author Mark K. Updegrove. “Or you can come up with ideas to deal with it.” Jeb, he said, came up with solutions, “but it didn’t fit with the mood.”

This is not the first time Bush has attacked the president. In a recent speech in NY, George W. criticized Trump for his immigration policies. “Our young people need positive role models,” he said. “Bullying and prejudice in our public life sets a national tone, provides permission for cruelty and bigotry, and compromises the moral education of children.”

Pride and Prejudice

Bush Trump
Cover of The Last Republicans | Photo credit Amazon

The younger Bush’s remarks are ironic, to say the least. He is clearly a Republican in Name Only. His liberal attitudes are a major shift from the policies that handed him his father’s seat in the Oval Office. However, the change comes as no surprise. George W.’s interest lied in carrying on the family legacy.  

Like all kings, he felt entitled to the throne. 

Unfortunately for the Bush family, America is not a kingdom. And, the ruling class no longer has the power it once freely enjoyed. 

A point made by the voters, and by the White House in a statement to CNN. “If one Presidential candidate can disassemble a political party it speaks volumes about how strong a legacy, its past two presidents really had.”


  • Connie Herrin

    My first clue about the Bush family being the wrong family came when they spoke about the New World Order. They are not kings and just because they do not like President Trump, they have no right to try to tell the forgotten Deploreables how to vote.

  • Samantha

    The Bush family are traitors –

    • onwego4k

      GW GRANDPA Laundered money for hitler

    • Linda M.

      Absolutely, they sure are!

    • Bonnie Saltzer


  • Irish1025

    Guess what? I didn’t vote the last presidential election, rest assured that will NOT happen next time around!!! I will be voting for President Trump!!! The republicanism HATE him because he stands for us!! President Trump you have my full support!! Where do I sign up to volunteer for your campaign staff????

  • Gregory Craig

    Obviously the younger Bush forgets how he was thrashed by the press.Jeb had only money and nothing else to offer.Never had a prayer

  • Janice Turley

    They think they are better then anyone else and they should face the fact ,They are mad because little brother Jeb got beat by Trump. You are trash if you don’t support your own party and should get out of that party

  • Barb Bayer Kuhn

    They BOTH blew it when they were in the White House! Their legacies suck. You can join the Clinton’s for a pity party.

  • Brenda Howe

    We are tired of attorneys and politicians.Just a game to you guys. He’ll be just fine. We need a business man to run this country. You guys screwed up.

  • disqus_lJapfzCIUh

    We are just tired of the Bushes’ New World Order Crap…We lost just about everything under the Obama Regime and we needed a strong leader who would take the country into a New Direction away from the Elites in DC…We don’t need another weak Bush…We need, Yes…some “Blowhard” guy who will take us into a familiar country…a country that has been ruined by Obama…and a country that is in great need of repair…so…America First is what we want…

    • onwego4k


    • Bonnie Saltzer

      Thank God for President Trump. We needed a tough man for this job to take down special interests,and elitists,who have been robbing the American people for decades. Drain the swamp President Trump, Almighty God raised you up in the saving of this wonderful country. God Bless you President Trump and,V.P. Pence leading our country back to its forefathers Constitutional platform minus those who thought they had control. Amen

    • Paul

      The Bushes, the Clinton’s, and the Obama’s dragged us down to third world level and trying to keep us there.

  • Ruth Bell

    Actually baby Jeb was their choice and it failed so now 3 of them (mama was in it too) have come out swinging cause they are horrified that anyone could turn a Bush away. Great patriots and disrespectful to all Americans that voted them in but are now sorry they did !!!!

  • Madeline Donahoe

    As a Republican I admit I voted for the Bushes who were elected and held office . I have come to regret my misguided choices in those elections . I have since learned to find out more about the candidates who I cast my votes for. That is why I Proudly voted for Donald Trump and I have No regrets. I have to admit I was fearful that another Bush could be elected into the Oval office and I prayed that God would not let that take place and God listened to the hearts of the American Citizens and we are Grateful and Proud to have our President Donald J Trump as Commander in Chief in the Oval Office. This is America, we are the American Citizens who elected our president . Donald Trump who listened to our hearts , needs and fears . We love America and we want to keep our country a Free and Sovereign Nation . We want to keep our Rights and Freedoms, We want to keep our Constitution in place. We want secure borders and safety , We want our industry and Jobs back . We do not want to be part of the New World Order , The U.N or to become a Third World Nation. We want to be strong and independent in our government . We want to bring American Standards and Morality back to our homeland . We want a Brighter Future for all of our Family’s . We want to end the racial divide between our people. We want our Nation to come together as Americans. We want America to be great again. There is No Need or Want for the hate of the Bush’s, the Clinton’s and Obamas. It’s up to Us to Stand up and fight for what is right and end the corruption that has held this country in chains for far to long.

    • Bonnie Saltzer


    • Teri Zumbusch

      Very excellent…totally agree!

    • Dakota Kardz

      You said it well! The Bushes and establishment elites just don’t get it, or just don’t care about what WE want for OUR country.

      • Susan Jordan

        Globalists and wealth. Meant for us? Depopulation and slavery

  • Joan Lochbihler


    • Susan Jordan

      It’s against what the bushes were standing for.

  • Marian Esposito Degrassi

    I have lost respect for the Bush Family, their envy is showing and it doesn’t look good on ANY of them. 🙁

  • DougandJohnsie Williams

    They are just Jealous he is getting things done so quick! Why don’t they leave him alone and let him do his job! I am surprised the Bush’s are doing this! I have lost respect for them too! I really think & know God put him in the White House!

  • SteveO

    We needed a fighter and hard truth teller. The Bush presidents had their chance and failed us. Go back to painting and ass grabbing.

    • Susan Jordan


  • John Hoye

    I no longer respect the Bush Family but I will compliment President Bush for his strength of handling 911.

    • Susan Jordan

      He knew it was coming. Wake up. Did he get whisked away when he was told at the school? NO HE SAT THERE. No imminent danger BROKE PROTOCOLS

      • John Hoye

        What would you have done?

  • Cathy L Clark

    The will of the American people is more important than what 2 or 3 past presidents think or want. They need to step down, and support this president because our votes are what put Trump in office and they just need to get over it.

  • Lance Worton

    These two idiots had there chance, the elder Bush was as lackluster as j Carter was. His son dumbass George lied to the American people in order to facilitate the cleaning up of his father’s mess in Iraq, they are both Liberal and share similar idiology with their good friends the Clinton crime family…

  • LadyBabs

    So Jeb should be president just because he ‘wanted’ it? That’s as bad as hillary wanting to be president because she thinks it’s her ‘turn’. Well, sorry Bush family, it doesn’t work that way any more.

  • John Stevens

    Basically they are mad because they lost. Guess Americans are right, they are terrible politicians.

  • Donna

    Barack Obama was the president that inflamed the racial divide by allowing only blacks to vent their feelings while telling white America that we are all racist and need to pay for the sins of the past. Along comes trump with blatant honestly and now both sides feel welcome to speak their hearts. Now which president is closer to maybe resolving this issue. As for Charlottesville don’t we teach our children that two wrongs don’t make a right. Which is what Trump was trying to say. That doesn’t make him a racist but rather a good negotiator. Just sayin

  • Usunder

    I stand with Trump, the Bush men had their chance and did not help America at all. They lined their own pockets. And only a blane blind stupid man would not realize Obama was the division in this country. To know that the Bush men cast their vote for a corrupt person as Hillary Clinton is proof enough to show their only intent was greed and what they could gain not the better for America.


      For REAL

  • Joyce Mccammon

    Look at the mess that Junior and senior Bush made of the Desert Storm. I think they are just Too Faced. They didn’t like Obama when he was in there. Didn’t think they were that kind of people. They’re mad cuz Jeb didn’t get elected

  • Susan Jordan

    Never buy book

  • janice Hawkins

    They wanted Jeb to win — a legacy for them! Well, t didn’t happen now did it??? I would not have voted if Jeb got in and, I would NEVER have voted for the criminal Hillary!

  • XXXtra


    • Peggijean

      I said that years ago !

  • Up Huff

    Bushes are bush league dropouts. Wouldn’t let any or all of them take out my garbage OR pick up after my dogs.
    My dogs deserve better.

  • Cecilia Owens

    What really upsets these ‘has-beens is they lost the prestige they thought they had ‘locked-up’ for the future. They did not accomplish anything of value, at least I can’t
    bring anything to mind. Like Hilliary, they decided they were ‘owed’ the presidency; it was
    their “turn” and they screwed it up royally. Remember, as far as I can see, they, too, are progressives, not republicans, and are in the DNC and RNC pockets, just like the Clintons.

  • disqus_W47gpHId63

    “Thank God these 2 are the last….but they are Republican frauds.
    We want a conservative…as Establishment Repubs can’t even get a foot in the door! We are onto them! they only stand for themselves and their wallets…and for liberals…we are done with that!

  • Peggijean

    Simple JEB didn’t WIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OlFeller

    Bush 41, You sir, were a RINO, a closet liberal and a weak leader.
    Bush 43, You sir, were a washout. I had great hope for you since we are of the same generation. You had an excellent opportunity to turn America around after the Clinton debacle and you blew it.


    Read my lips no new taxes, no need to say more, bushes can’t even l lie good, weapons of mass destruction and it goes on and on

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