WOAH: Social Security Amounts Under Trump WILL Increase To…


Monthly Increases

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2017 is bringing modest payment increases for social security recipients. The average monthly payment will increase to $1,360 for single recipients and about $2,260 for married couples.

Higher Earnings Limit

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Recipients who want or need to work will be able to earn more in 2017.  Those under 65 can earn up to $16, 920 this year.  Those who are turning 66 can earn as much as $44, 880, this is up $3,000 from last year.

Fewer Penalties For Workers

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In the past, if you worked and received benefits you were penalized if you earned too much. Those penalties are going down this year. $1 in benefits will be withheld for every $2 over the maximum earnings for those under age 65.

For those who are 66, but not yet full retirement age (66yrs, 2 months), $1 for every $3 earned over the limit will be held back. Once you reach full retirement age, there is no limit on what you can earn. And, any money previously withheld will be returned.

Maximum Benefit Increase

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The maximum benefit payment a person at full retirement age is allowed to receive is going up to $2,687. However, that payment could increase by more, if retirement is delayed until age 67.

Higher Tax Cap

Photo Credit: money.usnews.com

Workers currently pay 6.2% of their earnings into social security. A contribution matched by employers. Once maximum earnings are reached-nothing above that amount is taxable.

In 2016, the maximum earning amount was $118, 500. In 2017 that increases to $127, 200. This means approximately 12 million more people will be paying into social security this year.


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  • Elizabeth Rose

    I want to see an increase in my SS check not by having to go out and work. The whole idea of retirement is to NOT work. Some of us are unable to work so once again we see no benefits from these changes. Come on Trump you need to help all of us that voted for you!

    • Teresa

      Good grief Elizabeth, he has been in office all of 3 weeks. Give the man a break.

      • Terry Hensley


        • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          Go to Snopes.com

          • Tom Allison

            Snopes.com is not the holder of all knowledge!

          • Snopes is operated by libturds and they get their information from google!

        • Roger

          Terry Hensley, Why is that funny?

      • Anonymous

        thanks you Mr president Trump.Lon

      • Gretasue

        Amen Teresa, that man makes me tired just watching him… Best President ever…

        I have been on disability, for several years, a little raise would be great, but
        should be based on condition an need and previous earnings and what we contributed… its a fair system.

        • Tim

          Best President ever. For crying out loud he has only been in Office 3 weeks. Give him a chance to Fuck up, I know he is capable. Just give him a chance.

          • Stanley Walljasper

            You can always spot the fascist left by their crude language and poisonous attitude.

          • Rusty

            3 weeks??? What are you using for a calendar? HE HAD HIS CHANCE AND HE DID IT!!!

          • Anonymous

            i only get 400 a month regular social security became unable to work 5 years before my early retirement age 62 my amt greatly reduced every year and was denied disability after i spent my whole life working construction and going back to college at age 37 got nursing license and worked on medicare wing of nursing homes as my vietnam veteran husband developed severe heart problems with an ejection rate of 19 he only lived a few short years. i do hope i get a livable raise in social security

          • carolyn swanson

            look and hope for the good not the bad. President Trump has a good heart and is going to do everything he can to make things better for all.

          • Anonymous

            What a attitude u have. Can’t have a little faith in the guy.

          • Anonymous

            What is wrong with you people praying Trump will fuck up, any normal sane person would be praying that he fixes everything, you are sick if that is what you are hoping for!

          • Aj

            Number one, what calendar are you looking time at and secondly where have you been, he has already done more than to benefit this nation that Obama did in 8 years. Get a clue…

          • Anonymous

            your an ass

        • barb

          i wonder if this applys to disabled ssi people

          • Reva and Jim Johnson

            No ,he is cutting ssi and medicare..not all is roses..and I get SS,but not excited..

          • Elizabeth

            Me to cause living on $735.00 a month. Is becoming impossible. I can not work!! Hell it takes me 3 to 4 hours just to wash my dishes. Cannot sit for long nor lay down. Bad headaches everyday. Can rarely leave my house. Cannot even go outside during the day. I sleep and get awoken by the headaches. WHO WANTS TO HIRE ME????? YES LETS NOT FORGET I’ll BE 57 THIS YEAR

          • Anonymous

            I went to sign up for my retirement and was told I could not get anything else they say I would just get $595.00 a month and no more that not enough to get food or pay my bill, s or to take care of four people or my pets to that really suck

          • Anonymous

            To Reva and Jim Johnson, put down the Kool-Aid, turn off CNN and get some real news. SS and medicare are not being touched!

      • Alessandra

        I agree ..

        • Anonymous

          Why are you supporting 4 people? SS is not to support a family.

      • Anonymous

        I agree, Trump has been attacked and critized like no other president. THEY JUST WONT GIVE HIM A CHANCE

        • Gayla

          I hope and pray that he makes fools of them all. My prayers are with you Pres. Trump, you are def. my president!!

      • Anonymous

        Absolutely he has been through the ringer did they do that you other presidents hell no

    • Vallontina

      Elizabeth did you actually understand what the article was all about? There are some people who collect and also keep full or part time jobs. There was a limit on how much they could earn while also collecting SSI. What you want is a cost of living increase – that has nothing to do with this article.

      • Mary

        no, at the very beginning it said ALL Social Security recipients will received a modest increase in their amount. This was before they talked about if you were working. Hopefully this won’t be wiped out by Medicare costs.

        • Lynne

          Well, social security increase was .03% yes NOT 3% gave us nothing, because they raised Medicare! Nice eh?

      • Joan Maglitto

        lol I got my modest increase in their amount $2.00

        • Marie DeYonge

          Me, too.

        • Me too! You can’t even buy a coke for my increase! work all my life and then get nothing when I retire, it is sad especially when people never work a day in their life and draw more than I do

          • Anonymous

            I so agree with you.If we do get a SS cost of living increase Medicare takes it.Or something else decides to go up.Cant win!!

        • Constance

          I LOST $2.00 a month! My medicare increase was more than my raise!

      • Anonymous

        Amen, thank you

      • Anonymous

        [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “0”. Reason: Human SPAM filter found “,no” in “comment_content” *]
        i believe trump intends on making up the lack of any meaningful increase for 2018. a full 5 percent increase was talked about,no action yet!!!

    • mstymnlite

      I agree with you, Elizabeth. I’ve worked all my life, paid my taxes, and what do you get for it??? I am now 100% disabled. Do I like sitting around all day long, doing nothing?? “”HELL NO”” I’d rather be working. Now I am “FORCED” to live on S.S.I… I tried appling for S.S.,, because SSI doesn’t even come close to paying my bills. After appling 4 times, then they told me that I haven’t worked enough hours in the last 10 yrs, to get S.S (which 9 of those yrs, I was disabled) All I can think about, is what happened to the 40 yrs of working, before that. But I guess that doesn’t count.. And being on S.S.I., every time I do get a “Cost Of Living” raise (which is never more than $2, they then turn around and take $2 from my food stamps) So tell me, “”WHERE DOES THIS COST OF LIVING RAISE”” Helps us.. It doesn’t do a bit of good for one department to give it to us, and then another department, takes it away…It’s like they will never give us a chance to stand tall anymore. They got us on our knee’s, and they want to keep us there….

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you I am in the same spot and don’t understand any of it not fair if you ask me

        • Anonymous

          They have us living like we’re not worth anything and worked our whole lives is put into the system for the government to steal it from us now we have to worry about if we could pay our bills and eat for the months on the small amount that is given us just don’t understand it I didn’t ask to be disabled not be able to do anything at all would love to go out and work but that’s not possible so we have to take what we get I guess and like it

        • Anonymous

          I went to sign up for my retirement and was told I could not get anything else they say I would just get $595.00 a month and no more that not enough to get food or pay my bill, s or to take care of four people or my pets to that really suck

      • Social security amounts are based on the Last 16 quarters you worked.

        • Anonymous

          Further details please.

        • Robert

          No, it is NOT based on the last 16 quarters you worked. It is based on your entire earnings for all the years you have worked and the highest amount you have earned. Wanna call me wrong? Go to their website and see how your SS is calculated.

      • Anonymous

        I worked all my life. Became disabled didn’t apply because my husband made good money and we didn’t need it, so I waited. When I did apply they said it expired. So everything I paid in is gone now. I get nothing. What a crock. They don’t tell you it expires. Now we are living on his Disability and can’t get help. He makes too much money. We pay 1/2 his check just for rent. Bull____!!!!

        • Roberta

          Disability does not expire. Was this maybe something from work? Go to the Social Security page and check to see if you were told the correct information.

        • Liz

          social Security doesn’t expire. Some of these comments worry me about the future of America. A lot of not smart comments here.

      • Roxanne

        Oh…You get food stamps too? Lucky You…I could get them but they would take 100.00 from my check. I cant afford them,or to eat I guess.

      • For every cost of living increase in SS, Medicare goes up that much or more. We pay close to $400 a month for Medicare and it is not that good. Thank God Tricare for Life picks up part of what Medicare doesn’t allow and we do not pay anything. I would love to see a huge increase in my monthly check! Can you imagine how much we would pay for Medicare if this is true?

    • Kathleen Quinlan

      Pretty Much most people after the age of 50 have medical conditions that are not favorable to hold a job. Working all your life and putting money away was the whole idea of retirement. Unfortunately the government spent a lot of our earned money.And the RICH has a max ,,totally should be illegal.

      • Linda Gersin

        From what I’ve heard over the years is that the federal government has removed (stolen) over TWO AND A HALF TRILLION dollars from social security to pay for I don’t know what ! That money they stole needs to go back into S.S. !
        … Jim.

        • Anonymous

          I agree, however, where in the hell would they get it?

        • Anonymous

          I pray this is true.

        • Anonymous

          They stole the money from us then they’re telling us Social Security’s broke nothing about repaying the money back into the fund you rob a bank and you go to the jail they stole that from all of us

        • Anonymous

          True – once before Obum and once during his reign.

    • Annie Harding

      I agree with you 100% Elizabeth Rose

    • Anonymous

      I agree with Elizabeth. Nothing was said about the ones on Disability and can’t work but would have no problem working if they were able.

    • Denine

      So Elizabeth did you retire early and get less on a check than if you would have waited till full retirement age. If so then waiting would have given you that raise you want. Most people I know would rather work than not after retirement anyway because they get bored and it keeps them occupied.

      • Elizabeth

        If your talking to me. I got injured at work. 2 surgeries and 3 yr’s later.I was told that I lost my points. But on workers comp. You can not even apply. So now I’m stuck on disability. They will not even change me from Medicaid to Medicare. Where I live there are No Doctors for my problems that except Medicaid. They only except Medicaid as a secondary to Medicare. So needless to say when a person works all of their lives and becomes disabled. Your just left to suffer!!! With NO HELP. Did I mention that the closest Doctor that will except Medicaid is about 100 miles one way. Yeah

    • Rita

      All fake news people. Just like the health care act…millions will not have access or coverage. But Trump will fix all that….not.

      • Melanie

        Rita what did Obama do to fix anything? Plus the Clinton’s stole everything they could and sent to other countries.

    • Anonymous

      Be glad he is raising it, it goes buy how much u paid in, did u work all your life and pay in the Whole time and what kind of job did u work?

    • Anonymous

      I am disabled…I got a 2 dollar raise

    • I hope this helps those that can’t work ( I mean really can’t work) if not its just helping some on s.s get richer, right?

    • Anonymous

      why don’t we sue the Democrats and Obama for stealing our money and giving it to the Muslims who don’t have a right to our money the demacrats own us Americans big-time we need to make them accountable for their thievery. if enough of us get together we should be able to get something done



    • Greg Day

      Some didn’t prepare financially…

      • Tough times

        Some couldn’t prepare. Some of us had to support our family because I had a dead beat father who paid nothing.

        • Mimi

          It took so long for my disability to go through that my bank account was depleted from living from it.

  • Let’s just hope the raise doesn’t all go to medicare part b premiums. Our 3 dollar raise did.

    • Ronald Norman

      Mine also.

    • tom van derslice

      I lost on last raise……

    • Martha Marie Zukowski

      Right! I was so happy to get an increase and then noticed they took it out of Medicare payment! That’s not just….

    • Linda King

      Yes it took my raise plus a $ 1.50 and that made me getting less than I was to start with. Thank God for the food banks.

    • Lori

      I’m a disabled widow so it’s only my income to try and live on. It’s almost impossible, do without a lot of needed things and was happy to hear we were finally getting a raise this year. Mine raised my checking $1.00. Yay.

  • Don Schmedeke

    So when does this take place 2018,most likely .

  • Kay Lynn Harris Jones

    I hope this increase will include those on disability. Disability is so small people cant live on it.

    • Kathy Belk


      • Kathleen Quinlan

        How do you live on $788? Seriously.

        • Anonymous

          very careful no frills no emergency money , holding on

        • Barbara

          I get $753 on disability everytime I get the $2 dollar COL raise I get $4 dollars taken away from my food stamps. I worked minimum wage jobs and due to medical reasons I can not work at all even though i would truly love to be able to do so and it is very hard to live off of what I get monthly. Hopefully my section 8 will be approved soon or I will be living in the back end of my pick up truck. I have very limited amount extra to even buy the neccesary needs monthly. and obama took our raise several times . It is about time to help those on limited income whom had worked for years and paid into the SS . God Bless the ones whom help our veterans seniors and disabled folks.

          • Debra Lukoszyk

            Your exactly the type trump is trying to take even more then Obama took from you,you aren’t on medicare you have medicaid,trumps trying to abolish both of those,be afraid,be very afraid!

          • How about getting 642. Then take 134. Out for Medicare! ??? live on that for the Month!

        • Anonymous

          I only get $730 a month and $21 in food stamps.

          • Brenda

            Me too. And I would much rather be working, than to have a physical disability that keeps me from working. I worked from age 17 until almost 50 yrs old. Took off a few yrs when I had my son, and now Im penalized for it and had to go on SSI instead of SS. I get 735.00 monthly , 16.00 foodstamps. It’s just me now. Husband went to another woman after I began getting sick. Left me with a 10 yr old son at the time, we had been married 24 yrs. Jerk.

    • Gregory Fortner

      A lot of people on disability are fakers. And I am talking about younger folks.

      • Linda King

        You are right. They need to be investigated and made right and make them go to work like the rest of us had to do.

      • Howard W Keeler

        Really You want to see my Fucking Papers Fag bitch?

        • Judy

          He didn’t say you were a faker to collect disability. He said a lot of people do fake disability, and there are young and older people that do fake disabilities, it is just the way our society is, some would rather get a check, than work. Haven’t you ever watched those shows where they video and catch people doing all sorts of active things that they say the person said they can’t do due to their disability. You are very defensive, because you use such ugly language

        • Deborah Irwin Seidel

          Wow…youre disgusting…he said most & is entitled to his opinion & i happen to agree with him & i myself am disabled & took no offense to what was said…its the fakers who make it harder on us with true disabilities. I seriously am concerned with your jump the gun chip on your shoulders. I know living with disabilities can be depressing & cause crankiness if we allow it…please dont let negativity not only effect your health for the worse but also dont allow health be the reason for verbally attacking others. He made a statement. He didn’t say all & he didnt say you. Please dont be so explosive with people. Usually those of us who live with disabling diseases which cause chronic issues makes most empathetic & more understanding of others & what THEY may be going through in life too…calm down. Dont read what you WANT to see & blow up verbally at others. Sheesh. Stress can make your health so much worse…& i truly feel if we try to avoid it…we can still enjoy some of our life. We just have to be more creative with doing so.

          • Dolores Wieland

            I guess they don’t have an arrow where you can delete that foul mouth..or report him…There certainly is no call for that….

          • Mary

            Yes, there are those that fake to collect and work on the side and live well. These are the ones that make it difficult for those with legitimate disabilities.

          • Susie

            I like your response. I am blessed with good health with minimum aches and pains for my 67 years. I know people that are truly disabled and should get disability and do but I do personally know of several that are fakers and work under the table. I have no respect for them.

        • Linda Gersin

          Seriously, are you for real, or just a troll? There are people here who are hurting, and they really don’t need to here nastiness. PLEASE STOP!
          … Jim.

        • Anonymous

          I think facebook should ban filthy cussing. You are an idiot howard

        • Stanley Walljasper

          You can always spot the leftist by their crude and abusive language. How proud they must be for this much-deserved recognition.

      • Annie Harding

        you are so right about that and hardly ever worked and here I am struggling on 1200.00 and 1000.00 goes to mortgage I can’t even pay my utility bills .I’ve been in this situation 2 months now . I’ll be 68 in may. I can’t work because I have spinal stenosis and arthritis throughout my body, I guess there’s nothing more I can do but to give up. I’m a nervous wreck every day and nobody cares……I’m just lost here I don’t know what to do , I cry all the time , don’t have the urge to eat I just don’t care anymore

        • Katie Spurlock

          Annie Harding, I care. Please friend me on facebook, I may be able to give you some information. My profile pic is a pic of my Christmas Village. And the town listed for where I leave is Sparta. Please don’t give up.

        • Linda Gersin

          See if you can find a relative, or trusted friend to move in and help share in expenses. We all care, and please don’t give up, there’s always hope.
          … Jim.

        • Mary

          Check with your community services. You most probably qualify for some help via food stamps, heating/gas help, and possibly some type of commodities.(fresh & canned foods) You might need to move to a more affordable place. I have a house that is underwater but did a refi and pay under $500 mortgage. I struggle month to month but know others are worse off than I am. I am a pay as you go phone $45/mo. no cable/satellite TV, just Internet and my Roku for TV. Cut corners and you will be surprised how you can bring your bills down.

        • Angel

          You are not alone. I know personally how depressing being disabled can be. I am disabled and only get $331 a mth SS because the other $150 goes to medicare premiums. I have my 14 yr old daughter and 2 yr old son to support as well. So i definitely feel your hurt. I am going to keep you in my prayers. Please don’t give up. Xoxoxo Angel

        • Anonymous

          Rent out some rooms, take a work from home job, if you are an animal lover, babysit them if you are able, be a companion to an eldely person that doesnt require physical labor if you can.

      • I’m 48 going on 49 & I’m on SSI & I’m no faker i’ve had Grandma Seizures since i was in elementary school & i didn’t get my back pay until i went to court with my lawyer & the federal judge said that i can’t get my drivers license bcause of them & my Dr wrote a statement saying that i can’t work bcause of them,so I’m no faker

      • William

        You’re talking the one bad apple theory. You think one faker is enough to make everybody suffer. Pretty ignorant. Somebody works until they are 38. Get cancer, then the radiation treatment damages their spinal chord. And then they are wheelchair bound. Unable to work. Wife divorces him and he is on his own. His whole savings spent on the medical bills, because Medicare does not kick in until one year has passed. COLA, Is far apart and only a few dollars a month which they deduct from EBT, so you never get ahead. Living month to month becomes his standard. The Obamacare hits and income limits are dropped so you can’t even afford your Medicare anymore. There is always a cost of living increase. Every year food and clothing and utilities rise in price, yet in the past 8 years there was only 3 COLA increases. And get this, you live in a dump so you can afford to live, but your EBT is based on how much you pay rent in relation to how much you make a month. So if you make one thousand bucks a month, and your rent is five hundred bucks, you will be lucky to receive fifty bucks in EBT. But if your rent is as much or more than your take home, then you may get the full one hundred and eighty bucks maximum benefit EBT. So, I could go on, but why should I, you have decided that with all that I should be put through inspections and extra tests because you think you are a doctor or a disability specialist and can tell just by looking that someone is faking. Could you be more ignorant.

    • James Grady Bishop

      I hope so as well I’m currently 56 years old with multiple health issues and I currently receive SSI Payments. I only receive $735 a month up by $2 from the monthly payments I got last year

      • Lost leg

        Same here

        • Shawn Earle

          Amen I hear that

      • Sarah

        What you describe is not social security, which is for retired persons who put money into the system during their lifetime of working and was taken out of their paycheck. SSI, is a form of disability payment, so is SSDI. Those amounts vary depending on the person and their disability.

        • Connie

          People on disability, SSD, also have paid into the system. Some SSI recipients also have worked and paid into the system. The amount received is dependent on your income before disability not a particular disability.

          • No I am on Disability and get Regular SS, not SSI!

    • Shawn Earle

      I try not to get my hopes up because the media posts so much fake stuff so i would believe it when i see it. One thing that seems odd is that they are listing a married couple average and i believe social security is done on an individual basis even if you are married? I support Trump though even if i don’t see more money he is doing a lot of other things to make America better. One thing that really sets me off is people trying to compare SSDI and Retirement social security to welfare. And i’m like no i worked hard for 20 years before i became disabled i didn’t get on it right out of high school. Lol

      • Glenda Lovell

        SS has NOTHING to do with welfare or government entitlement. I too wish people would stop saying it is not something we earned. If you didn’t work and didn’t pay into SS then you shouldn’t be getting SS at all. MO ILLEGAL should ever get SS or any other hand out from our tax dollars.

        • Shawn Earle


        • Howard W Keeler

          So your Saying people who have mental disabilitys should not get ssi? Stfu and get a life. You need to go back to school Bitch

          • Deborah Irwin Seidel

            Ss , ssi & ssd are three completely different things & i dont think she deserved your over the top rude reaction. She was speaking of ss…as ss for retirement. Nowhere did she state anything about ssi or ssd which is for disabled. I believe this person deserves an apology & this is coming from someone who is disabled. I understood exactly what she said & hopfully meant. I think YOU took it wrong & blew it out of proportion & was over the top as far as a rude foul mouthed bully with a chip on your shoulder. If youre not a big enough person to either kindly ask her to clarify…or just apologize….ill do it for you Howard. Glenda, can you please either clarify? Or accept MY apology for Howard being so rude?

          • Dolores Wieland

            You can’t apologize FOR an idiot, nor should you….,

          • Glenda Lovell

            I didn’t say anything about SSI….

          • Carolyn Swann Swanson

            she said no illegals should get ss. i read that maybe you should go back to school.

          • Stanley Walljasper

            Go change your diaper, Howard…you know how cranky and potty-mouthed you get when it get so full…go ahead now and we’ll wait.

        • Deborah Irwin Seidel

          Can you please read my response to Howard right below your comment? Id appreciate it. Thanks.

        • Deborah Irwin Seidel

          Hey Glenda…can you please read my reply to Howards comment directly below your comment here? Id appreciate it. Thank you.

        • Denine

          Amen to that Glenda. However, the democrats made it possible for illegals to get our SSI even though they never paid into the system through the mandetory deductions from our payroll checks. These illegals should be made to pay all this money back and if they are unable to, then every person in government who let this happen should be made to reimburse all American’s affected by this sham.

    • Dolores Wieland

      My friend gets around $3000 a month due to a mistake the govt made for those born in 1958…she says….

  • Jackie Bowman

    i got $2.00 raise but medicare raised the cost by that amount, so I got nothing. I sure hope the increase comes soon… I only get $1000/month and its a struggle to live on. With my husband out of work it is getting harder by the minute.

    • John Redmond

      Where do you live. My wife and I live in Bullhead City AZ with currently less than $900 a month. We are not struggling but it would be nice to have a little bit more.

      • Dolores Wieland

        WOW! don’t know how two of you can make it on $900. Apparently one of you is getting nothing?

    • Kathleen Quinlan

      Same here except I have no husband. My dad passed and I had to sell moms house and land, Social Security said Medicare considers that income so they are taking out $428 per month , Leaving her $700. That should be illegal. She already paid Capital gains. #shameful

      • get help

        This is why the Elderly Parent usually liquidates and transfers ownership to a trusted friend or adult child (caregiver). It is all part of the Elephant in the room. The siblings never understand that if one has no Long Term Care Insurance or they are not rich enough to pay $3000-$5000+ a month for a nursing home…then one basically needs to become eligible for Medicaid by divesting…part of the difficulty/safeguard conundrum is the govt has a 5 year look back to see if things were “above board”…Who can predict someone’s failing health, needs or juggle finances….? There needs to be a rule book and liasons to help our elderly transition and also not allow their legacy of inheritance to adult children be lost!

  • Life is a Challenge

    Let’s hope it’s this year and true.

  • hope its true would sure come in handy cause right now I get less than $1000.00 a month

    • Sylvia Mathis

      Try $2.00 a month because of workers comp and nothing for the year long waiting period.

  • clbjsa0416

    First, it has nothing to do with Trump. It is a 0.3% COLA increase that went into effect Jan 1 (before Trump took office). About $5 per month. Along with that, there will also be an increase in Medicare Part B premiums. Net effect for most is 0.

    • April Pyle

      That was the effect for me. Part B Premium increases took the whole piddling increase. I also have lost $500 per year of my social security income because my Medicare Advantage premium more than doubled. The past two years have been real killers, mostly because Obama took money from the Advantage programs to fund his ACA. We lost choices, too, and I doubt repealing Ocare will reverse that.

      • Carol

        oh brother….thank you for that info. I wish they would just simply removed the mandate….Im gonna drop insurance like a hot potato till they stinking wake up

    • Toodumtu

      They also raised the Medicare so they in effect keep the loot.

      • Becky Polk Mockbee

        That was done Jan. 1st before he every took office! Try again!

        • laulau

          Trump was talking about under the “Trump” administration. That means going forward. The raise we got under Obama was NOTHING>

      • Carolyn Swann Swanson

        president Trump is talking about now he is giving us a raise not that one in jan. before he got in office. that wasn’t even a raise because meficare went up.

    • Joel Jacobsen

      Missy lives in Bowling Green Unicorn Land

    • Criss Kramer


      • gloria rider

        Ditto for me ….

    • Carolyn Swann Swanson

      this is not what President Trump is talking about he is fixing to give us all a sustantial raise so we can have a better life. your talking about that measly raise obama gave us i got 1 dollar and my husband got 3 dollars and obama acted like that was so great and he gave billions to those muslims that invaded our country and they have never did anything to deserve social security. i worked and paid in since i was 15 years old.

      • clbjsa0416

        Carolyn, you may be correct. I haven’t heard what, if anything, Trump is proposing. This article, however, is not referencing what Trump may do, it is referencing the measly 2017 COLA and trying to make it look like Trump did something great and wonderful. Believe me. Lol

        • Anne

          Agree! There’s nothing new in this article. Notice the percentage that SS will go up is not cited. It says only that the AVERAGE SS pymt will rise to XX amount. This does not tell me how much MY raise will be. These changes happen every year! The cap always goes up, the $1 deduction for every $2 over the earnings limit has not changed! It’s been the same since I started SS in 2012, and probably way before that. The AMOUNT you can earn has gone up, but it changes every year based on a preset formula. It has NOTHING to do with the great and terrible trump-oz. trump cannot take credit for ANY of this. This article is fake news, misleading people into thinking trump is HELPING us. God help us.

          • Melanie

            Anne – Well it’s FOR SURE Trump has cone more in his 7-8 months than OBAMA did for us in his 8 years. All he was interested in helping Muslims and giving $ to other countries. Obama is the worst thing that could have happened to our country. If Trump could get some help he could do awesome. HE’s trying.

          • Melanie

            HOW MUCH DID OBAMA HELP YOU? jest asking.

      • Lela Campbell

        Agree. No one should draw SS except Americans. Not illegals and NOT refugees. Seniors are sick of this.

        • Dolores Wieland


          • Anonymous

            I believe he said illegals and refugees. I agree with that

      • true saints fan

        neither me nor my hubby got any increase so this would be nicee

        • Nancy

          Neither of us got any increase this year either.

      • hiway280z

        In the mean time Obama gave himself a huge raise and also congress and the rest vote theirselves huge raises.

        • Linda Gersin

          NEVER trust a politician !
          … Jim.

      • Anonymous

        There is no amount offered Trump is trying to get ppl working again most who are unable.

    • Linda Gersin

      I believe you C.O.L.A. is incorrect, from letters I received from S.S., it (c.o.l.a.) for 2017 is 0.03, not 0.3. Of course the increase is so tiny whichever of the two numbers we’ve described, it really dosen’t make a whloe lot of difference.
      … Jim.

  • Carol

    5$ doesnt buy much anymore

  • Ryan

    Lets hope it’s true.

  • H Baker

    That’s fun I worked my ass off for years & became disable only to find out my employer was taking money out but only turning 1/10th of it in. So when I got my disability I only draw $640 a month instead of the $2650 a month that was figured. Plus the only SSI I’m aloud to draw a month if I get it is $17. So tell me again how someone who’s never worked in their life can draw 3X what I do on SSI. If this is so than I should quality for another $1000 a month. So after they take my part B & D out I’m left with about $374 a month & can’t get any help because my wife is a disabled veteran & supposedly makes to much money. By way did I mention I’m a kidney transplant recipient (not to mention other birth defects) that has 2 prescription that copay is $1800 a month we have to pay not to mention the other 6 that part D won’t pay because they’re available OTC even though I need take 10 of them instead of 1. Why the hell would they care or anyone else for that matter, it them or you that has to worry about it. That’s what’s wrong with this world nowadays nothing but self centered greedy ass people.

    • Barbara Tobar

      i agree medicare is very expensive and dosent pay anything….i had oscar and payed 15$ a month is was the best…i hope the raises are good but i get more than the amount i hope its a dollar increase so we all get a raise

      • watcherofolde

        Medicare takes about 100 a month out of your SS-when you go to hospital it pays approx 80% of the bill, a supplemental like humana or medica takes care of much of the rest.( you have a deductable on the supplementary) Even the supplementary is subsidized by Medicare (meds)

    • Stormie

      Can you sue your ex-employer?

      • Carolyn Lemcool

        I agree your employer should be sued. Find yourself a lawyer who specializes in this and only charges if you win. Praying for you.

        • Jim

          A lawyer is expensive, and they also take a large fraction of any recovery. If you can find one that has half a brain.

      • Sarah

        Depends on how long ago the problem was. There is a Labor Board in every major city I ever worked. Go for an office visit.

    • Sharon Maples

      Republicans have been systematically brainwashing their following that Entitlements is welfare. It is a program to direct people’s hatred in the direction they want so they can go after Social Security, Medicare and any other programs that benefit primarily seniors.

      • Nelson Nolley

        There you go blaming the Republicans when both parties have dipped into social security to pay for their pet projects! Ever since Roosevelt began S S in the 1930’s the lousy federal government has a cash cow that it could use to pay a veritable list so called programs. Where do you think the welfare money comes from? Next time you to blame someone go look in the mirror!!!!!!!!!

    • Kevin Stanfield

      Your getting screwed.. you should be getting more if what you say is true…. I have discovered over the years that all outcomes when dealing with SS, usually comes down to the employee working on your case. They have a tendency to handle your award as if it was coming out of their own pocket. Try different case workers until you get a better outcome.
      Good luck too you.

      • Kevin Stanfield

        Ps… I do believe what you say. Lol. Just in case from that opening statement..

      • H Baker

        They said if I had just one pay stub to show them they could do something about it. Without proof they say they can’t do anything

    • Sarah

      Very unfortunate. I worked part time for an employer, who also did not pay into the govt, but I found out before I spent more than 2 years with them. They called it contract work, and it did not show up under unemployment is how I found out. This is a good flag so people check and change employers or go in business for yourself.

      • H Baker

        He took everything out including unemployment he just didn’t turn it in to government he pocketed it. Just a very crooked & greedy businessman.

    • Anonymous

      Really need to ask Obama 1

  • Anna M Yasson

    And thank, Bush for the donut hole!

    • Stormie

      STILL blaming Bush?

      150 years down the line, Democrats will be blaming Bush for everything that goes wrong.

      • Alisse Sikes

        And Trump keeps blaming Hillary! As if she has ANYTHING to do with anything anymore.

        • hiway280z

          Don’t kid yourself.

        • Annamarie200

          He does not. I haven’t heard him blame her for anything but the things she did do.

        • Melanie

          Hillary just has not been punished for the things she did. I truly think she’s going to gt hers tho. HOPE SO. She’s truly “not right in the head” I don’t think.

    • Carolyn Swann Swanson

      at least bush gave us raises every year. obama is the only one that didn’t.

  • Maritza Vega

    How is it that they have been talking about how soon SS will be depleted (by 2025), the retirement age went from 65 to 66 and it will be increased to 67 and now there will be an increase this year??? I’m totally confused!!!

    • Sharon Maples

      I am getting a whopping $6 a month increase. My Medicare is going up $6.50.

      • Nelson Campbell

        Did the same to me.My medicare went up MORE than the increase – net was a LOSS of $9.00 !

        • Ginger Pope

          Mine did the same thing!

    • Kevin Stanfield

      Because they lie. They use social security as a tool to keep some people scared….”vote this way” or you’ll lose your social secure. So on and so on.

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  • Sharon Maples

    Why do they have a photo of Trump? He had nothing to do with this. We had already gotten the notifications in EARLY January on all this. It is a normal albeit lower cost of living increase. What they omit is Medicare will increase by about the same amount as the cost of living increase. So it is pretty much a wash.

    • Carolyn Swann Swanson

      i only got a dollar raise in jan. my husband only got a 3 dollar raise in jan. President Trump is talking about giving us a substantial raise so we can have a better way of life. not always leave us out the way obama did.

      • Janie Fox

        I stayed exactly the same.

        • Ruth Lorett

          I did too.

        • hiway280z

          mine the same too. Under Obama it has been the same for most of his term

        • Dolores Wieland

          That’s because the deductible increased by the amount Obama allowed us to have…

      • Renee

        if this is so I may become a Trump beleiver

  • How Not To Play The Game

    …..the health care system is nothing but government forced extortion. It is going to take a civil war in the streets of the USA to restore freedom to these United States of America.

  • Val Williams

    I hope this is true because i only get $500 now.

    • Sarah

      Are you sure this is regular Social Security you are talking about? For retired person who worked and paid in their whole life? How can you get $500?

      • For every cost of living increase in SS, Medicare goes up that much or more. We pay close to $400 a month for Medicare and it is not that good. Thank God Tricare for Life picks up part of what Medicare doesn’t allow and we do not pay anything. I would love to see a huge increase in my monthly check! Can you imagine how much we would pay for Medicare if this is true? I get less than $400 a month. Was on SSI because my disability insurance made me. When I turned 65, I was put on SS without an increase in check. The only thing that keeps us going is my husband’s military retirement pay and VA disability​. He is also on SS but without the other checks we would be screwed!

        • Melanie

          You’re very very lucky that you have Tri-Care for Life. Basically you pay NO medical bills. With your husband being retired military his retirement must be decent – have no idea what rank he retired as. And you get VA benefits. AND you get SS – you must live “high on The Hog” if you can’t make it on this. I get $110.oo SS, and $1300 retirement and have Tri-care for life and I make it o.k. However, as the saying goes, IT IS WHAT IT IS.

  • Kelly Bryant

    i only get 500 give or take a penny or 2 also

    • Apply for ssi and you may get a bit more.

    • Lynn Shelton

      Only get less than $300

    • Sarah

      What did you put into the system?

  • Vernon Cunningham

    People who retire early, or become disabled take less home from this program. I worked until 65 years and 8 months of age. That gave me maximum benefit as a social security recipient. I have been retired almost 11 years. no complaints from me, although I would like an increase to match COLA changes. I can’t afford much meat and other products.

    • Dolores Wieland

      I have a friend considered blind who gets $32,000 a year…She said SS made a mistake for those born in 1958 and they allowed them to keep it. I and others worked all our lives and are lucky to get half of that. Government screwups all over the place, it seems…….

  • Edwin Roberts

    would be nice if this is true news… as we have had NO increase in 4 of the last 8 years

    • hiway280z

      Seniors and our Military got really hurt by Obama . This year I got tiny amount and it took it back for the social security so mine stayed the same AGAIN.

  • get help

    Remember Social Security SS was not ever meant for refugees, illegals or as welfare and a slush fund for other projects. It was meant for Citizen Workers who retire & later in certain cases a portion for their direct family…as in (opposite sex) spouse & children as survivors in death. Other forms of witholdings came to boost disability, etc..SSI, SSD. SocSec was never meant to be a dollar amt capable of sustaining one COMPLETELY for retirement living…folks were supposed to be planning, saving, considering insurance and investing options, or also contributing to a pension & staying with companies the required time/age of retirement rules. SocSec was only one leg, ENTITLED ONLY TO THOSE WHO CONTRIBUTED…the most common rule contributing 10 years of wage percentage withholdings, or 40 quarters per year. It was not a savings account and so you do not get the same wage you earned. Even a Railroader who grossed close to $800-1000 hard labor a week, contributed BOTH 6.2% to SS, 4.6% to a private pension for 30 years can only collect 1 or the other…they do not get a pension of $3200-4000 a mo….more like a 1/4 of that. If they also did a 401 (k) they might have lost out too when the stock market crashed! Better buy life insurance before you get too old & can’t pass the health exam or questions.

    PLUS you must wait to draw to typically age 65. (Except the govt stole from this fund, did not have an escrow to safeguard it, they were not permitted to collect interest, not allowed to invest it)…so that is one reason many Baby Boomers now have to wait until they are 66+, 67, etc…and talk is to raise the retirement age to past 70 years old! THIS IS WHAT BOTH PARTIES ARGUE ABOUT EVERY SESSION. This is why they try to think of other ways to collect contributions (code for tax)…from some other vehicle they can control (alter) without having us vote every time they need money. They need more slush funds if this type…that is what Obamacare was about…a front showing healthcare but inside a Pandoras Box of new taxes that keep unfolding. Chicago is filled with mobsters who have peddled “insurance” extortions…muslims (exempt from paying the ACA) use dhimmitude, jizya taxing the infidels…use our welfare, steal our SocSec, food stamps, section 8 housing…

    Another plan the Dems were trying was to keep using their (nonElected) EPA or Planned Parenthood slush funds…Who do you think Carbon Tax & selling baby parts profits?…The Elites of mostly the left leaning socio-communists or RINO neocons both who are vying for positions in the NWO agendas in the UN or whatever the Emperor or Imams will rename it! The human traffickers make worker bees, child slaves and trade drugs, guns, women & children…ISIS is a mechanism to bring it about & Pedophiles stick together & the powerful use it all to blackmail each other. THIS IS HOW THE WORLD GOES ROUND. Most folks are asleep as they sit in lukewarm water like a frog being boiled slowly, but surely. WAKE UP…see what the real fight is about…Xenophobia or FREEDOM?

  • Ralphew

    will believe it when I see it a measley .3 in Jan and medicare took it because of increase

    • Katie Spurlock

      .3 isn’t much and for people like you and I it’s nothing like you said. They get you all worked up thinking you’re going to have a little more to live on until you get the notice medicare took it all. How can they say that’s a raise? Last year we didn’t even get a raise.

      • candace

        He wasn’t President last year, so how could that be an issue?

  • kcwas

    Hey stop whining and he’s in there trying to do each item that needs fixed…and there’s a lot and security of out COUNTRY is top…but yet PRESIDENT TRUMP IS TRYING TO GET ALL THINGS HANDLED AND MADE BETTER..

    • Shavonna

      I agree with this. Let the man do his job.

    • Ruby Stull

      I think they should give the ones that believe Trump an increase and not give to some people that do not believe him..lol

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  • Linda Lashomb

    Does anyone know if this is true or not??

    • Elizabeth Rose

      read my post above – it is true but not what you think – it’s not saying everyone will get the average amount.

  • Dolores Wieland

    This has to do with the amount of money you can earn while getting social security, which is being increased,. I see nothing about a ss increase.

    • Jessica Zber

      the first statement was about an increase but it was not specific other then a single person would go up to $1360 and a couple to $2260..average increase..not sure what all that means .

  • Magalene McIntyre

    I sure hope it’s true I have been drawing SS for 17 years and only get 518.00 a month. I wonder if they could survive on that.

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  • Connie Richards Fletcher

    I’m concerned about my disability benefits. I’ve worked for years and paid into the system. And so has my husband. He had to take an early retirement and went on disability. Does this cover us as well?

    • Renee

      I am curious too.

  • Teresa Humble

    I truly DO NOT believe this!!

  • James Iversen

    People i watch Trump news a lot i have not seen nothing about this. what make me more concerned is this statement has no name to it. I don’t think this has got into Trump adminstration process yet they are just working through medical bill right now. I just saying with all fake news out there i would be careful to fully accept message or news statement without name or reference. I am also on social security and disabled still waiting for my turn to go court to make my case which i have been waiting 15 months in the part of process

    • Judy Reamy

      The name of the writer is right below the title. It can be a little difficult to find sometimes.
      BREAKING: Trump Announces ALL Social Security Recipients Will Now Receive THIS Much Monthly…
      By Missy Jackson -February 6, 2017

  • Aileen Cailey

    i question do they write this to make us support trump more or to hate him when it doesn’t happen will wait till social security office tells me the good news

    • George Wing

      Hate the asshole who destabilized our country and the middle East.by the way he’s the only president that gave zero as raise,and he did it three times.no president since it started in 1979 had not given a raise.

  • Aileen Cailey

    think it is bad now but they are now going to let illegal immigrants collect it unless trump stops them

    • Janiska Nordstrom

      Illegal immigrants cannot collect social security.

      • Kim Mostrom Weber

        They CAN and they DO! It needs to be stopped! Not only that, they vote multiple times!

        • Judy Reamy

          They can’t, and they don’t. Educate yourself.

          • Elsie

            They can and they do…just like they collect welfare, and food stamps, and get free medical.

        • Carol Jean Boido

          I believe Kim’s correct unless it has changed already.

      • For every cost of living increase in SS, Medicare goes up that much or more. We pay close to $400 a month for Medicare and it is not that good. Thank God Tricare for Life picks up part of what Medicare doesn’t allow and we do not pay anything. I would love to see a huge increase in my monthly check! Can you imagine how much we would pay for Medicare if this is true? I get less than $400 a month. Was on SSI because my disability insurance made me. When I turned 65, I was put on SS without an increase in check. The only thing that keeps us going is my husband’s military retirement pay and VA disability​. He is also on SS but without the other checks we would be screwed! Even drug addicts can draw SSI even though they haven’t paid into the whole program!

    • Gregory R Preciado

      Who specifically are “immigrants” your talking about.

  • Mary Maday

    I have seen nothing about this on news, etc. It does say increases up to the $1,360 but….raise we just got said average person would net $4 a month. Ha ha ha. They upped the Medicare by the same amount so we ended up with zero increase. I hope this is true but.. until I see it in a twitter post or speech from Trump himself, I am not counting on it.

    • Judy Reamy

      They’re saying that you can EARN more money, up to a new limit. Not that you are actually going to get that amount from SS

  • Diana Lynn Braddock

    This is less than I am getting now, I hope this isn’t true!

    • Millie

      They said the average monthly payment. Apparently you are receiving above the average monthly payment and your monthly payment will increase accordingly. This isn’t rocket science.

    • Perry Moro

      It does say “The average monthly payment”.

    • Elizabeth Rose

      read my post above.

  • Jaime comeaux

    Yes please I could use this I can’t make it off of what they r sending me now

  • alan macdonald

    With so much fake news, it is hard to believe anything today.

    • Linda Gersin

      …… It’s like the old “shell game”, isn’t it?
      … Jim.

  • Debra gober

    I wo love to get that big of a raise for the singles. I would just like to live comfortable and I am by no means a money grubber. I think if he does I feel like he should not have to be bothered about it for as long as he is in the white house. ☺

  • Cecelia Henderson

    So, what is the percentage monthly increase? This tells you very little.

  • vicky

    i guess this is just 4 social security not ssi right well ssi she get a raise too

  • Mary Schlee Lacey

    I work for the Federal Government under CSRS (the old system) and I will not get Social Security when I retire. Since President Trump wants to ‘downsize’ Civil Service, I’m wondering if he is going to go for the CSRS fund. If so, I need to retire now. Ideally, I would wait four more years for 42 years and get 80% of my salary at that time plus what I have save in my TSP. I just don’t trust this guy.

    • Mike Siano

      80% How many combat tours did you do? I Fully retired from the Military and got 50%. Plus 2 Bullets. What’s wrong with this picture?

  • Elizabeth Rose

    People have been misled by the title and inferences in this article. I think what is actually being said is that people could increase their social security income because they can work more without losing part of their social security. It did not say everyone was going to get more money – only if you work for additional money. The cost of living increase will be given to all recipients and I believe that is a 3% increase – a few 4 a month is all. It is not going to decrease anyone’s amount only giving people an opportunity to earn more if they want to work for extra income.

    • Linda Gersin

      It isn’t 3% for this year, it’s 0.03%, (3 one hundredths of one percent). It gave me about $1.00 per month increase for 2017. But then I got an increase in my insurance this year and now, in the year 2017, I have a net DECREASE in my monthly payment of approx. $7.25 per month. By the way what do you mean when you said: ” a few 4 a month is all”.
      … SIGNED, Jim.

      • Akashara

        Time to put that down payment on a retirement home in Boca Raton. That extremely small increase was given under Obama. The reason stated was the cost of living hadn’t risen. Funny though, he asked for an 18% increase in his retirement benefit when he left office.

    • Martha Range

      It sounded too good to be true. I couldn’t find a source.

  • Garry Bujak

    It’s Facebook people surely you have
    learned by now that 75%of what’s printed on Facebook is totally fake/ false/BS.

  • Georgia Williams

    i between that is already in affect. you can work now up to 46,000 more over 66 or 16,000 now if you under 66.So where is the raise. If this is all ready in. looking at my papers for 2016;2017 working.If he give you extra Is this how you pay your medical and hospital bills with. once he stop all medical that you have now. That can’t happen people get a triple jump in a month.it will be a catch to it,I will be one who get a triple pay.Once i know what it is for.might be what they mean you pay out of pocket 10,000 for medical. they pay the 4000 credit.why is it a catch to everything..Why 45 states being judge on 5 states that have one insurances.So out of 45 states they judging people lives and health.tell those states to catch up with medical covers..because there is over 9 picks and you pick from what medical coverage you need and can pay for.when people lie about making more money and don’t tell there insurance company then you get catch in paying more money. income cut-offs by state and family size. If your income has decreased since last year, you could qualify for a bigger subsidy. If it has increased but you didn’t update your info on the exchange, you may need to pay back some of the subsidy you received when you file your 2016 taxes. And depending on how you filled out the forms last year, you may be required to submit new information in order to get a subsidy at all.

  • Kathleen Quinlan

    The minor increase ended up giving me less. I lost Mediciad because I moved from Vt to Va. I have had a breast lump , need to go back but can’t afford it. Keep the wars going and help the rich. #shameful

    • Yes, and everything that is happening to you is from Obama, The Government is still operating under His last National Budget, passed in 2016 and signed by Obama …… Trumps first budget will not arrive until the end of the fiscal year Oct. 31 2017…………

      • Kathleen Quinlan

        Yes and with people like Paul Ryan working with him we will soon see…

        • Now don’t forget the die-hard kamikaze liberals and democrats who are threatening to do every thing they can, Legal and Illegal to impede Trump’s programs and the conservative agenda……

          To them you don’t count, In their world You are nothing but a white privileged beotch,….. You only count after the illegal border jumpers, terrorist refugees, blacks on the welfare plantation of the democrat controlled cities, and when they need a head line claiming “Women and Children Hardest Hit By Republicans “

          • Kara Chastain

            That is the same thing conservatives have been doing to Obama for the last eight years. It’s a shame on both sides. The art of compromise is completely lost in our government.

          • Really, You must be one of the petri dish, meme liberals, In the basement, raised up on false news, BS, and rotten mulch…… Obstructed Obama? Yes the Conservatives were so successful, That Obama and the Democrats passed Obamacare, The ACA, With out a single Republican Amendment of Vote…………… and Obama added $9,000,000,000,000+ dollars to the national debt…………… You Funny!!!

  • PC Russ

    What about us on soc sec disability. We need araise. We cant make it on what we get.

  • Janice Mire

    I get 43.00 after my Medicare is paid because I get a state pension of 1400.00. I should be able to collect my full amount. I paid almost 60 quarters to SS but can not collect full amount . This just IS not fair

  • michele wurst

    I dont believe this





  • JASON T.


  • Gator

    All this was done at the end of 2016. Trump didn’t do anything. SS went up .03 per cent. That’s about 4 dollars a year.

  • I hope so.I am on SS,Disability and they split it in half to equal the same amount of money.I have disintegrated disk disease in my back.So that increase would help me alot.

  • Jeff

    I live on a block where some young people sit home all day and draw welfare and some disablilty under SS.
    I suspect they are fakers, who know how to game the system. If we didn’t work, these slugs wouldn’t eat.

  • Martha Clark

    The people that are getting their social security checks in the middle of the month, instead of on the 3rd, are waiting more than a month to get their checks I understand that they probably had too many being paid on the 3rd, but those of us that are getting paid in the middle of the month are waiting more than 30 days. Why can’t we have a certain date?Some times I get my check on the 16th and then the next month it might be on the 21st, why are we waiting for more than 30 days in some months?And forget about balancing your checkbook!! Your statement is from the middle of the month to the middle of the month.

  • Anonymous

    I would be Grateful for any amount on my Check and just look at some people on here talking all that Trash ! That makes me Sick to my Stomach to hear some of the things that people say about just about anything on here ! People Wake up and all we can do is hope and pray that they don’t cut out Medicare and Medicaid ! I’m praying for a little more money than I get and if we don’t that’s just something that we are going to have to live with ! May God Bless you all and God Bless America !!

  • Deni Heard

    For folks paying part A and B Medicare premiums, there is a state Medicaid program called the Medicare Savings Program that will pay for your Medicare premiums and deductibles if your qualify. Contact your local Social Services agency for more info and to apply.

  • Guess I am one of the lucky ones what I dont understand is how these young people that has been raised off all this get SSI and never done anything I was a trk driver for 20+ Yrs then in july of 15 they said i was medically unfit to drive anymore went filled in Jan of 16 got my disability in March and draw a lil over $1600 a month but I as a Owner operator Pd in dearly

  • KeepTrying

    if you are physically able, try to get some work from home. Maybe you can provide daycare for animals or birds for people that are going on vacation or working. You could be a companion to an elderly person that just needs a set of eyes to watch them. Keep trying.

  • Jack

    I have been on social security for the last several years because I have worked all my life. Over fifty years. A couple of years ago I got a modest raise in social security. A few dollars. Guess what…..They raised my medicare the exact same amount. I got “NOTHING” I don’t know why you people are expecting anything from this government. You are not going to get a raise, They don’t care about you and me…Period.

  • Anonymous

    Is this really true

  • Maggie

    What about those that are on disability and can’t work please help us also

    • michelle

      I worked in the medical field for 27 years. Now I’m 100% disabled and all I draw is $275 a month. How am I supposed to live on that?

  • Dexter Hoyos

    What a load of bull. If you haven’t read the budget proposal or the healthcare bill; they are calling for budget cuts

  • Social Security is when the employee as well as the employer pays in the same amount from your pay checks monthly weekly or bi-weekly. It is not a benefit. Social Security is just that a retirement that both you and your employer pay into for when you become of age to draw it. In short employee’s should just add that extra the employer adds in on your social security as regular pay. Even if you don’t get it until you retire. The Social Security fund is what was solvent until the government placed in I.O.U’s to keep the budget balanced. Today, it’s really broke as is SSi, and any other programs. Think about it. Twenty-two trillion in debt, and growing daily. We pay nothing but interest and no principal what so ever on the balance of the budget. One day, all retirements will be taken as many already have been. Like coal miners, detroit car makers. Many police pensions. But, notice Congress and the Senate votes themselves raises while SS people don’t even get a cost of living. Think people, I am too old to fight a corrupt system plus just make it by as most on Social Security. If Macaroni and cheese two times daily is making it.

  • It is time to stop taxing social security checks because taxes were paid for when we were working. This amounts to double taxation. Every bit helps!

  • Anonymous

    My office in mn is like the wild west they do whatever they want…lie to you,call your info allagations plus they have the most pleasant attitude…..they just love to push you around not tell you anything.The guy behind the counter says you sit here all day…they had just opened he was already pissed.

  • Anonymous

    what the true Americans should do is get together and Sue the demacrats for allowing Obama to steal our SS from us and give it to the Muslims when they had no right to receive anything we worked for that money not them. if enough of us got together and cause a stink like they do we could get something done. who’s with me

  • Connie Pettey

    What about ssi

  • Linda Curtis

    I draw RR retirement. I should be able to draw my SS also. I’ve been told that if I file for my SS it will go directly to SS.

  • oldenough2remember

    Yes, but the Medicare increases will eat up most of any raise in monthly payments, so really, seniors get the shaft yet again.

    • Ellen Camnetar

      unless you make a higher number it wont increase

    • Jo Ann Pennington

      You must be a demorat.

    • Up Huff

      It isn’t taxable UNLESS you have other income, and then only partially so. So, if you’re getting your SS taxed, you’re getting a lot more than I think you’d admit to getting.

      • oldenough2remember

        Anything over $32,000 makes it taxable for a couple. Not exactly high living…..

  • Richie Littlefield Gilliam

    I am satisfied with the raise amt. for S.S.
    Thank U Pres. Trump!!

  • Ellen Camnetar

    Glad to get the increase

  • Constance M Tenney

    You don’t know how bad we need this . We struggle every month just to pay the bills , and pray we don’t have to go to the doctor .

  • Salvatore Velleri

    the problem also is that if you on food stamps your food stamp amount goes down because they figure with the increase you can pay for food and not need the food stamps

    • Up Huff

      Food stamps only go down if your income goes up. And it won’t go down as much as your income goes up.
      If you’re having a problem now it’s because you didn’t make wise choices before. And now you pay for them.
      SS was ONLY intended for HELPING in retirement, NOT to LIVE ON. So, did you ever think to put something away in savings for that purpose? Or to work for a company with a pension plan? (Only applies to trustworthy companies!)

    • Harriet Meaders

      That was the plan. To throw people off Medicaid and food stamps and SSI.

  • Michael Bushey

    I go to a pain management doctors every Other month and I have 3 prescriptions from him then I go to the cardiologist every 6 months and then I go to my regular doctor every 6 months and then I could see the endocrinologist for every 6 months then I have an eye exam once a year and I wear glasses I have Diabetes type 2 Parried I have a son who’s getting ready to graduate college mortgage payment .I only can have insurance through my wife because the affordable care act makes it unable for me to get on because it doesn’t cover my perscriptions. Yes the increase is good but stil not enough the cover the bills I’ve used all of my 401k my wife had been hitting hers to keep the house afloat.

    • Carol Caldwell

      I just want to say THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! Try living on 735 dollars a month and 100 dollars in food stamps!!!! We consider ourselves truly blessed just to have a roof over our heads!!!

    • Harriet Meaders

      Join a Medicare Advantage Plan. With my Humana I only pay a 25.00 copay to my pain mgmt Dr. And a 10.00 copay for my pain meds. You won’t go broke with that.

    • Peggijean


  • Michael Bushey

    They don’t look the bills you send out they just look at the money that’s coming in and in my household it is more money going out then coming in and I live in Connecticut and in Connecticut we’re totally broke so they would say that my wife made too much but they don’t look and see what we’re paying out.So we’re screwed one way or the other .

    • Up Huff

      Your State wouldn’t BE broke if you stopped electing Democrats whose sole purpose in life is to make those of us who actually earn money pay for all of their friends and voters who don’t work.
      Was in CT. My wife came from CT. And we won’t live anywhere near CT BECAUSE it hasn’t yet learned that the way they’ve been doing it for decades simply does NOT work.
      You want to get ahead, get out of CT and go where the State government actually DOES what it’s supposed to do, instead of everything they want to do.
      If you don’t get that, you’re part of the problem, not the solution.

  • Jan O’Steen

    Our insurance medicare supplement is going up over $25….and prescription meds about an extra $10…it’s not helping us even level out.

  • Faye Shirey Conway

    What about people on SSI and Dissability? Will they also be getting an increase??,

    • Ken Wozniak

      I agree, i hope we get that increase and when will it take effect…..

  • Peggijean

    Only those who worked and paid into the program should receive !! Others should go another route !! Decrease welfare !!!

  • Ken Wozniak

    My wife got a 2.0 increase and her medicare went up the amount of her increase so she will be getting the same amount she got for the last 2 years…. come on Trump… get something changed

    • Ken Wozniak

      Seniors don’t have a chance, i need to find a job to make ends meet, but right now i’m fight cancer, so its going to be hard to find a job, i had a part time job and when i found out i had cancer they terminated me, said they would not work around my Drs. appointments….

  • Judy Martin

    get this a raise & Medicare got it !! so …why is it called a raise for S.S. it goes to medicare !

  • Robin Wazenegger


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