BEWARE: This Overlooked Treat Could Take Your Dog’s Life… Just Made Blacklist


There’s a ton of products that you have to keep away from your dog. Is ice-cream one of them or it’s totally fine to treat your dog with it? 

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We’re often scared of giving any new types of foods to our pets. And no wonder! The media has had a flood of ‘experts’ and news stories on how people mistreat their pets, how certain foods cause a weird reaction in dogs and so on. Obviously, you’ll think twice before giving an unfamiliar item of food to your pup. But is it all just doom and gloom and dogs can’t eat anything but mass-produced packaged kibble? 

Safe or not? By @Mother Nature
Safe or not? By @Mother Nature

Is ice-cream just another ‘chocolate’ for dogs? 

You all know how chocolate is toxic for dogs, right? Even though this notion was perpetuated like a viral video or a conspiracy theory – it is actually true! Dogs are strictly forbidden from eating chocolate.

Now, what about ice cream? Can dogs eat ice-cream or some other milk-based products? Ice-cream for dogs dilemma is not a question that can be given an easy yes/no answer. In the most obscure answer, you can get – some dogs are totally fine with eating ice-cream, some are not and, finally, there are alternatives for ice-cream that can satisfy everyone!

Have you given natural, frozen yogurt a try?

A lot of people will tell you that ice cream is up there with chocolate on the list of treats. That it is off limits for dogs due to how dangerous it may be. 9 out of 10 times, the ice cream you’re thinking of feeding to your dog has all those elements which dogs should avoid. It only becomes dangerous when someone goes and feeds their dog ice cream without understanding the significant facts they need to know. Since most dogs are lactose intolerant, which implies that the dog may get extremely sick if their body is not able to properly digest that lactose – you should restrain from giving ice-cream to your pet. 

Check out some similar products that are soy based milk. You’ll get the same kick out of it in terms of taste and ‘feel’, with no health repercussions.

It’s not only about the milk

Even if your dog is processing milk just fine – there are other things to look out for in ice-cream.

Ice cream tends to contain quite high degrees of sugar, salts and sugar substitutes which are all toxic to dogs in high quantities. These ingredients can also harm dog’s teeth in the long run. 

Ice-cream is perfect for hot summer days. And we know how the dogs can get hot and need to cool off. Still, it’s much better to find alternatives, than develop a habit of feeding your dog ice-cream. With lots of health issues it can cause (and some, that are not noticeable at first look), you’re much safer with carrying around some water for your dog. 

And, on top of that, you get to keep all the ice-cream for yourself!

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