Golden Retriever Puppy Stolen From a Training Facility


Who doesn’t love puppies? I honestly think that if someone out there doesn’t, they must something wrong with them.

That’s why this really grinds my gears! Who steals a puppy!?!

I know stealing, in general, is bad. I know it’s bad to steal something valuable, like money or jewelry. But a puppy is a living, breathing thing! What’s even worse, is that this pup was being trained to be a service dog. This dog needs to be found!

Here are the details on this story.

The golden retriever service-dog-in-training was stolen from a facility in northwest Georgia. The owners are now asking the public to help them locate her.

Fox 5 Atlanta reported that 3-month-old Dorie had been training at Milton-based Canine Assistants. Canine Assistants is a nonprofit school for service dogs. Dorie was taken from the facility’s kennel sometime between the evening of Sept. 3 and the early morning of Sept. 4.

Dorie Credit:

“This is the first time in 25 years we have ever had a puppy stolen from our farm,” Canine Assistants founder and executive director Jennifer Arnold told the news website. “And considering the facts, we can only assume the person(s) involved knew our system and they had a clear intention to take Dorie along with her service vest.”

Arnold and her team conducted an internal investigation and found that none of the group’s 280 volunteers had Dorie in their possession, according to Fox. Milton Police are helping search for Dorie. As of Sept. 12, the puppy’s parents were offering a $3,500 reward for information.


The news station did not disclose the owners’ names. Canine Assistants has reportedly tightened its security measures since the theft.

If Dorie has a microchip, she would be easier to find.  The reward money amount is extremely generous. As I said before, this puppy is probably very valuable. Dorie was meant to help someone in their family. This is really sickening and is a real shame.

Puppies are innocent. They can’t really harm anyone. If this person really wanted a puppy, they could have just adopted one from a shelter. Millions of puppies need a home! Though I doubt the puppy-napper could get a pup now with this felony.

Shelters do amazing background checks to make sure the dogs get a good home. I’m sure the same goes for the cats as well. No one wants these animals to go to a bad home. If you have any information on Dorie’s location please contact the Milton police department.

Sound off in the comments below, so Dorie knows that people are looking for her.

Also, tell us your story. Have you ever had a pet stolen from you? Did you find them? What did it take to find them? Were they okay when you found them? Did a vet have to get involved? These are things that can help any pet owner, whether they have a golden retriever or something else.

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