The Ego of Roger Waters Caused The End of Pink Floyd


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In 1985, Roger Waters decided that Pink Floyd was “a spent force creatively.” 

The time for him to go his own way to start the epic solo career he had envisioned had arrived that when he would left Pink Floyd would be finished.  But, fellow band members David Gilmour and Nick Mason did not share Roger Water’s vision for the end of Pink Floyd.

The Final Cut was released in 1983, after which Roger Waters decided that since he had been carrying the other two members of Pink Floyd for so long, that it was time to relieve his shoulders of some weight. 

Waters had an ego telling him that he was capable of creating the same caliber of material of Pink Floyd without having to share the profits.  Money had warped his mind into believing that without him there would be no Pink Floyd.  He could march on as tidal waves of money washed into the bank and fans of his solo career lined the streets.  Since there was no Floyd, then there could be no regret of missing out on what he left behind. 

David Gilmour and Nick Mason were not ready to walk away from Pink Floyd, feeling confident that they wanted to continue as Pink Floyd without him.

  In 1987, Mason and Gilmour released A Momentary Lapse of Reason which prompted a legal battle over the rights to the use of the name Pink Floyd.  Roger Waters took Gilmour and Mason to court in an attempt to stop them from using the name Pink Floyd for recording and touring.  The two sides apparently reached a deal outside of court in 1987.

Since the lawsuit David Gilmour, Roger Waters, and Nick Mason appear to have reconciled, appearing together at Live 8 in 2005. 

In 2011, Gilmour and Mason also made appearances in London while Waters was on tour performing The Wall.  Though there has been brief cameos, Pink Floyd has made no mention of touring as a band.

Roger Waters has since admitted that he regrets suing his former band members.  In 1999 he played Darkside of the Moon in it’s entirety for his tour, and in 2011 The Wall in it’s entirety.  That is pretty awesome.  Either one.

Pink Floyd is one of the greatest bands in the history of music. 

They started the progressive rock genre and expanded the boundaries of rock so far that rock bands of today can see there is no limit on creativity. However, it is the entire band together that created the music establishing Pink Floyd as legends.   

Chris McDonald 



  • Dublin Jackeen

    This attack on Waters wouldn’t have anything to do with BDS, would it? Because I think it is. Or perhaps your next piece of non news will be on how John Lennon destroyed the Beatles.

    • Francesco Onofrio


  • Worlds Greatestsinner

    First off Roger’s EGO telling him he can ride the money wave has got to be the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard. Practically every tour the band did was a money loser. Plus, as with Gilmour, the man has donated tons of money to programs like Amnesty International, among a slew of others. Also if he was THAT driven by the all mighty dollar he would have stayed under the PINK FLOYD banner and milked it for all it was worth like the other two did. But you also fail to take in the fact by that time he was also
    disillusioned by concert audiences and playing huge stadiums. Hell I saw
    Floyd on their Momentary Tour in ’88 at Giants Stadium (My first and last stadium concert). Worst concert
    I’d ever been to! Not because of the band so much, but for the fact you couldn’t see shit or hear it properly. That’s when the bulk of my “loyalty” went to Rogers camp. I still give Gilmour the benefit…but he’s consistently fallen short. Not in his playing mind you.

    1985…No one knew who the hell Roger Waters was as far as the general public was concerned. Hell, Gilmour and Mason were just as obscure till the lawsuit and Momentary Lack Of Ideas album came out.

    AND…He was carrying 3 members….for some one who’s claiming to ADMIRE this band so much I don’t understand how you can easily disregard Rick and his contributions.

    I’m sorry…the best thing Gilmour ever produced on his own was his first solo album from 1978. Roger always tried pushing the others to write. Gilmour was more the musical end which is why his wife has been writing his lyrics for the past 20 years, Wright’s lyrics, while sometimes beautiful, never seemed to fit the concepts of the albums. But he was also a driving musical force who in the end became more interested in cocaine by The Wall album. And Nick…well he’s always seemed not to give a shit one way or another as long as they got on with it. Kinda like Ringo.

    I see why Roger could have felt the way he felt. He’s the one who drove the ideas and concepts and the others tagged along injecting input where they could after Dark Side. HELL almost the ENTIRE WALL ALBUM WAS WRITTEN LYRICALLY AND MUSICALLY! What did the rest of them really have to do but PLAY IT? And this was the project they ALL agreed to do!

    Also Roger’s solo output is much more in the latter tradition of Floyd’s output than what the other 3 did as PINK FLOYD. With the exception of RADIO KAOS, which I can’t agree more, is dismal garbage.

    One of the things I found hypocritical about Gilmour was his disdain for The Final Cut. Calling it a rehashing of old material that was deemed unusable for The Wall album. Maybe, but lyrically that album cuts like a knife through those of the so called “GREATEST GENERATION”. And yet, Gilmour went and did the same exact thing. Rehashing old material they didn’t think was worth putting on The Division Bell and making the most lackluster farewell album I’ve ever heard.

    • soylent_green_is_people

      Yep, I was hoping for something with substance when I read the article.
      Agree with everything you said, The Final Cut is so under appreciated. Take away Kaos from Rog’s solo work they are some pretty solid albums, where David’s solo works aren’t much lyrically. RTL was a disappointment in my opinion save for the opening and ending instrumentals.
      Shine on!

    • Ole Isgren

      I agree with most of what you are writing – What I find is funny is that (in my humble opinion) is that the best song off The Wall (which is my favorite album, since it came into my life when I was 17 years old) is that the best 3 songs are the ones co-written by DG and RW … It is no secret that I am DG (on the contrary my little brother is RW and we have many good friendly arguments about that) and one of the best thing that happen for DG is when he meet Polly Samson 🙂

  • No Gods, No Masters

    All opinion and no facts…..

  • Lord Enki

    Which one’s Pink?

  • soylent_green_is_people

    Wow. Mr. McDonald, this was a poorly written and factually incorrect article. That opening paragraph “the time for him to go…” WHAT? I’ve read it 3 times and don’t understand what you’re trying to say. Rather, I know what you are trying to say but someone should have proofed that opening sentence.
    As a huge Floyd fan I want to point out a couple glaring inaccuracies. First, Roger did not perform DSOTM in its entirety in 1999, he did play the majority of the album but not in one consecutive performance but individual tracks from the album at various points in his set list. He did begin touring DSOTM and playing it in its entirety for his 2006-2008 world tour.
    Second, The Wall tour started in 2010, not 2011.
    Third and most glaringly is Live 8 in 2005 and your omission of Richard Wright, Pink Floyd reunited with the four members: Roger, David, Richard and Nick. In fact, this entire article leaves out any mention of Richard Wright.
    The legal battle began in 1985 and settled out of court in 1987.
    Finally, your article provides very little, if any, insight to support your statement about Roger’s ego and how it caused the end of the Floyd.

  • relentlesscactus

    Worst article ever!

  • Anonymous

    This was old news

  • Anonymous

    This is an extremely poor written article:(

  • Dave Geskey

    This article had no NEW insights, just the same OLD fables trotted out a million times. Roger was planning a solo album at the SAME time HE was writing The Wall. He approached the band with BOTH The Pros And Cons, AND The Wall and asked which one they would prefer to record. The REAL question that needs to be asked, and pondered is, “what would Roger’s SOLO career had been like, if he took The Wall for his own?”. (Which it was) Sure there would have been a different feel to “Comfortably Numb”, and less of a slicing guitar lick, and solo on “Run Like Hell”, but the skeleton was already in place, ASSEMBLED BY ROGER. Without a doubt, David, Richard, and Nick helped put the flesh on the bones of every Pink Floyd album since DSOTM, but there is NO body without the skeleton. Plus it was ROGER who came up with the elaborate shows that the band came to be known for, it was HIS vision that brought about DSOTM, WYWH, Animals, and of course The Wall, not to mention one of their FINEST albums The Final Cut, which was ALL Roger, and a precursor for things to come in his solo career. True, it does seem Roger had a bit of an inflated ego after the success of the bands releases, and tours. But who wouldn’t?! As for Roger’s solo material NOT ONE of the so called “post Roger Pink Floyd” albums could hold a candle to ANY of his solo works, INCLUDING K.A.O.S.!!
    (Which by the way, I think is a FINE album). So to sum it ALL up there in NO PINK FLOYD without Roger, I would NEVER disparage the input of David, Richard, or Nick because without them, THERE IS NO PINK FLOYD !! THEY TOGETHER were PINK FLOYD !!

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