Where to find the best selection of country girl clothing [PHOTOS]

country girl clothing
photo from f-rules.com

We pulled together the top websites where you can get any country girl outfit you might want. Consider this your one-stop resource for all the clothes you’ll need!

Country Outfitter

country girl clothing
photo from www.racked.com

Yes, they have the quintessential country girl setup — boots, jeans, shirts — but they also have running shoes, leggings, and pretty much anything else you’ll want.

“Here at Country Outfitter,” they write on their website, “we wear our boots, eat barbecue, and listen to Waylon Jennings. We fish, hike, and float the river. Then we dress up and hit the road to Dallas, Memphis or Nashville to get our fix of the city.

“We always come back home to where the good stuff is—our families, friends, and the curves in our favorite country roads.”

Website: www.countryoutfitter.com

Country Girl Store

country girl clothing
photo from www.countrygirlstore.com

Whether you’re a jean and tank top kind of girl, or a sundress kind of lady, this is the place  for you. They also have a bunch of cool accessories, like sunglasses and hats.

“‘Country’ is a state of mind: it’s not just where you are, it’s how you feel,” they write on their site. “You can take the girl out of the country… but you can’t take the country out of the girl. She loves the outdoors, is independent, down to earth, romantic and sensual, yet horseshoe tough.

“She’s just as comfortable watching a sunset on the beach in the Hamptons, or horseback riding on the trail. She was a tomboy as a girl, ran barefoot, caught butterflies and walked through the rain without an umbrella. People describe her as sassy and genuine.”

Website: www.countrygirlstore.com

Cute n’ Country

country girl clothing
photo from facebook.com

CnC specializes in tops: tank, T-shirts, hoodies, and the like. Many of their tops have words with graphics on the front. For example, “Keep your hands off my cans” with a drawing of beer cans, or “I want to do dirty stuff with you, like farming” with illustrations of a tractor.

On their Facebook page, they describe themselves as “Folks who like Fishing, Hunting, Mudding, Country Clothing, Trucking, Farming, Country Music, and MORE!”

Website: www.cutencountry.com

Southern Fried Chics

country girl clothing
photo from facebook.com

This company is more on the stereotypical “girly” side, with bright pink being the main color scheme on their website. In addition to women’s clothing, they have a great selection of jewelry.

“Southern Fried Chics is a trendy boutique,” their website reads. “Carrying a variety of southern charm designer clothing, footwear, accessories and more! You can find any outfit to match your price range. We carry high fashion designers such as Judith March, Miss Me Jeans, Missy Robertson and a wide variety of designer boots.”

Website: www.southernfriedchics.com

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