WATCH: Walking Dead Releases Killer 99 Episode Highlight Reel


Fans Excited To See Favorite Characters Together Again

The new recap video from AMC shows all of our favorite moments from The Walking Dead over the past 99 episodes. This starts with Rick and Hershel and ends with a Hershel voice-over.

We can watch Glenn call Rick Grimes Clint Eastwood and also see how Daryl and Rick got off to a rocky start. There are moments with Lori and Shane, and of course, the enemies like The Governor outside of the prison.

Fans are pumped to see all of their favorite fallen characters back together.

Scott Gimple Talks Next 100 Episodes

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Entertainment Weekly

Scott Gimple said:

“The way we plan ahead is to live in abject terror and anxiety. It isn’t about necessarily planning the 100th episode, it is sort of about planning the next 100 episodes.”

“In a lot of ways, we’ve planned out this show into many seasons from now. The comic book affords us that and then the inspiration we get from the comic and things we want to see more of.”

“What I’m hoping for the season premiere to be next year is the kick off of the next 100 episodes. The promise of more story and another future. Every eight episodes we try to reinvent ourselves and we’re gonna try and do it again.”

Preparing For What’s Next

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

It’s hard to believe they can really make another 100 episodes but the good news is that the comic books are still pretty far ahead so this leaves some room for the show to catch up and decide their own timelines.

This season, we’re going to see Rick and Negan enter All Out War, but that will also lead to the Whisperers, which will be Rick’s next major enemy. Fans are going to see some major surprises along the way.

There’s also going to be a major time jump in the near future.

Did you see your favorite moment in this trailer promo?

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