TWD S08 Prediction: Tara Is About To Become A Cold-Hearted Killer


No More Miss Nice Tara

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The Walking Dead Season 8 trailer just hit Comic Con in San Diego and there are a lot of predictions that can be made based on the trailer, the comic book, and some other online fan prediction after Season 7 of the AMC series.

So goes the  “21 Predictions for Season 8 On The Walking Dead” based on the initial trailer from Comic Con. As one of our big predictions, Tara is about to step up her game, cut the jokes, and turn into a cold-hearted killer.

Last season, when Dwight showed up in the jail cell, not only did Daryl nearly stab him, but Tara showed us a new side as well.

Tara, The Optimistic Survivor

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Tara has always been the light-hearted sidekick on The Walking Dead. We didn’t see her much last season, as the actress who plays Tara, Alanna Masterson, was actually on maternity leave in real life.

When she did return, fans were given the episode, called “Swear.” Most fans didn’t like the episode, as it was ranked one of the lower scores on IMDB. Heath was taken (or something) and Tara met Oceanside.

In order to help the group, Tara broke a promise and told Rick where to find more guns to defeat Negan.

Tara, The Cold-Hearted Killer

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At the end of Season 7, however, Dwight made his way into Rick’s camp when he returned from the Sanctuary with Rosita. Based on the fact that he didn’t try to harm her, Rick heard him out.

During this near-violent confrontation, Tara reminded audiences that Dwight is that man who took Denise’s life with the crossbow, even though he has said he was actually aiming for Daryl.

Regardless, Tara told Daryl to kill Dwight, right there in the jail cell. Luckily, the situation calmed down, but Tara showed us something new. Now, in the trailer, she’s holding a gun and looks like she’s out to avenge Denise’s death.

Do you think Tara will kill Dwight after he helps them fight Negan?

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