TWD S08 Prediction: Someone Aaron Cares About Dies…


Aaron Looks Distraught In New Trailer

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The Walking Dead Season 8 trailer just hit Comic Con in San Diego and there are a lot of predictions that can be made based on the trailer, the comic book, and some other online fan prediction after Season 7 of the AMC series.

As such, we have “21 Predictions for Season 8 On The Walking Dead” based on the initial trailer from Comic Con. And one of our big predictions, Aaron’s boyfriend Eric is likely going to die.

This also happens in the comic book.

Aaron And Eric’s Relationship 

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the trailer, there’s a scene where Aaron looks distraught and he’s literally got blood on his hands. We see him a moment later driving a vehicle that will likely become a barricade to either move a herd of zombies or keep off the Saviors.

At some point, perhaps in the same scene where Jerry and the King are apparently surrounded, Eric may die in battle. We haven’t seen much of Eric, outside of the occasional “Don’t leave” scenes in Alexandria.

Based on the fact that he’s a minor character and will help Aaron be a better survivor, he’s likely going to die this season.

Eric And Jesus May Get Together

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

Beyond everything else, the comic book, which is way ahead of the AMC storyline, also appears to show the possibility of Jesus and Aaron getting together. For fans, this is almost a must.

On the televised version, this could actually happen sooner, maybe even as soon as the end of Season 8. Before it can happen, however, Eric will need to die which will change Aaron as a character.

The only other evidence for Aaron revolves around a potential trip with Enid. She asks to go out with him for a “win,” but then we don’t see the duo again. She’s not in the car when he’s moving the fence.

While it’s most likely that Eric will die, Enid’s life is also on the table.

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