Take A Peek Inside The Walking Dead’s Comic Con “Deadquarters…”


SDCC Prepares Walking Dead Deadquarters

SDCC Deadquarters | Photo Credit Twitter

At the annual San Diego Comic Con, fans expect lots of amazing features, but the Deadquarters might be the best yet. The event area includes an interactive attraction, packed with Greg Nicotero-designed silicon replicas from the show.

Fans can snap photos with the most iconic walkers from the show, such as the Well Walker from Hershel’s farm who nearly gave Glenn a heart attack, or the Water Walker from last season.

There’s even a replica of the hospital doors from the original pilot.

Batting Practice With Sweet Lucille 

SDCC Deadquarters | Photo Credit Twitter

The Hollywood Reporter writes:

“For younger fans, there’s a Walking Dead-themed batting cage complete with a pitching machine lobbing baseballs at hitters who were armed with — what else — Lucille. Hitters were given a batting helmet and protective goggles and anyone who was able to connect the wooden bat covered with plastic barbed wire to mirror Negan’s weapon of choice was given show-themed swag including board games, T-shirts, action figures and more.”

“And while there was plenty of food and games, there was also a truck offering free water and soda directly across from a shaded cooling station with plenty of space to take a break from the Comic-Con apocalypse (and charge your cellphones, too).”

Greg Nicotero Designed Deadquarters

SDCC Deadquarters | Photo Credit Twitter

The line for the event could be as short as five minutes, which included a 585-person attraction that offered something for the whole family. Executive producer and zombie professional, Greg Nicotero, took some time to recreate the iconic images and features from the show.

The batting cages, for the kids, even included a chance to swing for the fences, but Lucille was the bat in the cage. It’s probably not too easy to hit a baseball with that barbed wire on the bat.

There was even a Fear bunker where fans could meet up with a caged Geoffrey and then be surrounded with a horde of the infected.

What wounds like the most intriguing part of this attraction for you?

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